Beyond the Classroom: Students Take the Gospel Around the World

by Mar 2, 2015Events0 comments

Each year DCC sends teams of students, faculty and staff on domestic and international mission trips during a Spring Break initiative called Kingdom Week. This year, four teams will be sent out from the college bearing the Gospel.

Three teams leave Dallas on Friday, March 6th, the first departing early (like 4:00 a.m.!) to Haiti where students, led by DCC Registrar, Crystal Laidacker, will be ministering in one of the poorest countries in the world. The team will work alongside Haitian Impact Christian Ministries to meet spiritual and physical needs of the communities near Port-au-Prince.

A fourth team will travel to Croatia and Germany in May after the conclusion of the Spring semester.

Kingdom Week has become a reflection of the culture of Dallas Christian College. These kinds of out-of-the-classroom learning experiences are pivotal in developing a mature worldview within our student body.

Approximately 50 faculty, staff, and students will go on a Kingdom Week trip this year. Each participant will raise financial support for their team, for which they receive thorough training.

Matthew Meeks, DCC Vice President for Enrollment, credits the commitment and generosity of supporters who make Kingdom Week possible.


Kingdom Week brings together the diverse DCC student body from various academic disciplines to reach the world in the name of Jesus Christ. For many students, like junior Ashley Hudspeth, who will be traveling to Piedras Negras, Mexico, Kingdom Week is their first experience out of the country. “I’ve taken a number of courses in missions over the last few years, but now I get to put into practice what I’ve learned in the classroom.”

DCC asks for the prayers of the community that these teams will be effective in their various ministries and that they may be safe as they travel. Pray that they would be a true representation of Christ to a world so much in need of the Gospel.


Lydia Faith is the public-relations intern at Dallas Christian College and a reporter and photographer at the Cornerstone.