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Dallas Christian College offers a unique experience, combining scholastic excellence with core Christian values. DCC is an institution that will challenge you academically, encourage you spiritually, and promote Christ-like leadership skills that will prepare you to live a life of real influence.

Acceptance criteria are based on a student’s academic history and character evaluation. We seek to enroll students who have a background of scholastic ability and spiritual mindedness.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited scholarships and housing high school students are encouraged to complete the application process as soon as possible.




DCC is committed to provide an academically rigorous education that is built upon a Christian worldview.


We seek to foster a healthy community of faculty, staff, and student relationships that best care for and encourage our school body.


DCC is locally and globally minded, we seek to serve our local community, as well as send our students worldwide, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.




An international student is a student that is not a United States citizen or a legal Resident Alien that studies within the United States (not online).

Prospective international students should request an International Student Application Packet from the Admissions office. This packet will outline how a prospective international student can become accepted to DCC and obtain an I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 [Student] Status). Prospective international students should read this packet carefully and be certain to complete all requirements listed therein. Incomplete requirements will not be accepted toward a student’s admissions file.

An I-20 will be filled out and issued to the student for their admission into the U.S. only after all admissions materials have been submitted, the student has been fully accepted to the institution, and the student has paid a $2,000 deposit toward his/her balance. Should the student’s plans to attend Dallas Christian College change, or if he/she is denied an F-1 visa, this deposit will be fully refunded upon the student’s written request. All tuition and fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester.

Applicants must abide by the regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, in every aspect, or be subject to dismissal.

All forms and admissions requirements must be completed 60 days prior to the beginning of the semester.

Applicants who do not meet some of the admissions criteria are encouraged to continue with the admissions process.


                     Preferred Deadlines:                                                             Hard Deadlines:

                     SPRINGOctober 1                                                                SPRINGDecember 1

                    FALL – April 1                                                                           FALL – June 1st                        



A recommendation form completed by an individual who can attest to your Christian faith. Form is found in the online application for Admission.



A current photo of the student.



A Transfer of Eligibility form from the U.S. institution from which you are transferring (if applicable)


A non-refundable $30 application fee


ACT or SAT score (if you are transferring fewer than 12 hours of college credit). You can get information on these tests at or



Official transcripts of all educational credits you have received above the eighth grade level. | See Details



Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  For TOEFL information go to | See Details



Financial Arrangement Agreement Form. See Section 3 of packet.



Affidavit of Support from all financial supporters. See Section 3 of packet





Once institutional scholarship(s) are determined, a financial estimate will be created.



Check your “Crusader E-Mail” for any status updates of your financial aid process.




A fully completed Housing Application


Pay the refundable deposit of $150 | Pay Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll in online courses?
Students must take 9 hours out of a full-time course load (12 or more hours) on campus, in person. Online classes are allowed beyond that.
Do I get vacation time?
F-1 students are eligible to take an annual vacation after they complete one full academic year. A student may choose to return home for the duration of the summer before school starts back up again.
Am I allowed to work?
DCC currently only allows international students to work on-campus.
Do I need to take the TOEFL?
Most international students do need to submit a TOEFL. However, if you have previously received a degree from an English speaking school, you will likely not need the TOEFL test.
If I have a TOEFL, do I still need the SAT or ACT scores?
Maybe. If you have less than 12 hours of transferable, college level credit hours, you must take the ACT or SAT test and submit those scores as well. If you have 12 or more hours, you do not need those test scores. You can get information on these tests at or
How long does it take to find out if I am accepted?

Usually, it takes 3-5 business days for a file to be reviewed for an acceptance decision.


How do I apply for financial aid?
All international students are awarded an international scholarship automatically as long as they adhere to the guidelines in the student handbook. You must be a good citizen on campus, and maintain a full course load throughout your attendance, unless a reduced class schedule is approved by your DSO, and the scholarship committee allows you to retain the full scholarship.
What if I cannot show proof of payment for the cost of school?
Unfortunately, DCC requires that every student be able to show proof by submitting bank statements, either personal or sponsor, that show the student can afford their education. We find it unwise to allow a student to attend DCC without the required financial support. This also helps the student retain a good rapport with the school.
Do I have to live on campus?
We prefer that you do live on campus if you are under the age of 25. However, you can submit an Affidavit of U.S. Sponsor Providing Free Room & Board.
How will I make payments?
All international students are required to pay their first semester’s cost up front. After that, DCC will create a payment plan that allows the student to make monthly payments, bringing their balance to $0 before the next semester begins.

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All transcripts that are not in English or that do not correspond with DCC’s educational credit system will be processed for translation. If this is necessary, the student will be advised and must pay a $75 Translation Fee prior to having the transcript(s) evaluated. Foreign Transcript Evaluations may take up to 12 weeks to process and must be completed prior to acceptance.


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 80 or above and a minimum of 17 for each section (internet-based test), score of 550 or above (paper-based test), or score of 213 (computer-based test). Scores more than 2 years old will not be accepted. For TOEFL information go to