Resident Director (Men's Residence Hall)

Resident Director

Newland Hall (Men’s Residence Hall)


Department:  Auxiliaries – Residence Halls

Reports To:  Director of Student Development

Work Schedule: Varies

Amount of Travel Required: none

Job Status:  Part-time, live-in position

Positions Supervised: Resident Assistants, Student Workers

Pay: Annual Stipend $2,400, paid semi-annually Dec. & June

Benefits: Housing, Cable, Utilities, Cafeteria Meals when open




The Resident Director (RD) is responsible for consistently leading and mentoring students toward growth in their Christian faith while supervising and administering activities of a college residence hall. Duties include training of residence hall staff, administering housing program in residence hall, management of student conduct and discipline, and housekeeping functions.  School term is early August to May 31 with summer responsibilities managing guest rentals.



  • The RD will uphold the College’s standards, policies, and traditions.
    • He/she will clarify and give the rationale for specific rules in an orientation with new students.
    • He/she will clarify and give the rationale for specific rules in a meeting with the upperclassmen.
    • He/she will clarify and give the rationale for specific rules when questions arise.
    • He/she will maintain a positive attitude toward the college’s standards, policies, and tradition 
  • The RD will attempt through personal contact and example to improve the quality of campus life.
    • He/she will attend church services, plan, and lead student devotions, attend chapel (as possible), and other spiritual sessions sponsored by the College.
    • He/she will have his/her own daily private devotions.
    • He/she will be a friend to all students by greeting them and showing a willingness to help and show concern for their individual lives.
    • He/she will attend at least one of each kind of social function each semester (banquet, music, sports, parties, etc.).
    • He/she will maintain a good physical appearance as specified by the Student Handbook.
    • He/she will allow for sufficient sleep and physical exercise.
    • He/she will maintain proper eating habits.
    • He/she will attend various seminars, attend meetings, and/or read materials to improve his/her job.  
  • The RD will be responsible for the enforcement of all school regulations.
    • He/she will counsel violators by explaining the rationale for the rules and warning them of possible consequences.
    • He/she will discipline violators by fining, giving work fines, campusing, or other appropriate disciplinary measures.
    • He/she will refer problem cases to the Director of Student Development.
    • He/she may delegate the authority to counsel and discipline violators to the resident assistants (RAs) and student leaders.
    • He/she may recommend changes in policy which affect the regulations in the residence halls.  
  • The RD will give direction to and participate in counseling in the residence halls.
    • He/she will provide training in counseling to the resident assistants and student leaders.
    • He/she will be available to assist the resident assistants and student leaders with problems that might occur in counseling situations.
    • He/she will handle referrals made to him/her by resident assistants, student leaders, and non-student staff.
    • He/she will refer to more qualified personnel those cases that he/she is unable to handle.
    • He/she will assist all students who come to him/her for counseling.
    • He/she seek out those students that he/she feels need counseling concerning infraction of rules.
    • He/she seek out those students with personal problems that he/she feels need counseling.  
  • The RD will be responsible for the residence halls.
    • The RD will be responsible for the check-in procedures for students at the beginning of each semester.
      • He/she will assign each student a room.
      • He/she will update CampusVue accordingly by the end of the second week of the semester.
      • The RD will collect the repair and replacement fee from each student. A receipt will be given to the student.
    • The RD will be responsible for the distribution of keys in the residence halls.
      • The RD will issue a key to each student for his room and mailbox. Replacement keys will be issued to each one losing his key at a charge.
      • The RD will collect all keys issued at the end of each semester/year.
    • The RD will be responsible for the housing of guests.
      • He/she will assign guest rooms.
      • He/she will check the rooms for cleanliness.
      • He/she will distribute keys when necessary.
      • He/she will distribute and collect linens.
      • He/she will collect charges when necessary and turn money in to the business office.
    • With the help of the RAs, the RD will note all repair, cleaning, and redecorating that needs to be done. In the case of damage by a student, the RD will notify the Facilities and business offices so that the proper amount may be deducted from the student’s repair and replacement fee.
    • The RD will check out each student from the residence hall, ensuring that the room is left in good order.
    • The RD will distribute fire exit procedures. In the event of an emergency, the RD will follow safety procedures and when necessary notify proper authorities. 
    • He/she should maintain a file of Incident Report Forms to be turned in to the Office for Community.
    • The RD will counsel the housing committee in cases of applications for off-campus housing.  
  • The RD will maintain a personal file for each student living in the residence halls.
    • He/she will maintain a record of discipline action and counseling.
    • He/she will keep accumulative records.  
  • The RD will be responsible for the selection of resident assistants.
    • He/she will work with the Director of Student Development to assist with the selection of the resident assistants.
    • The Student Development Department will announce the number of resident assistant positions that are available by the second week of February.
    • The Student Development Department will provide application forms for those students that are interested in the position.
    • Selection will be made before spring break.
    • The RD, with the approval of the Director of Student Development, will make the final decision regarding the selection of resident assistants. 
  • The RD will participate in the training of the resident assistants.
    • The RD will be responsible for the weekly training when needed.
    • The RD may encourage participation in special seminars and training sessions.
    • The RD will research and develop materials that may be helpful to the resident assistants and student leaders.  
  • The RD will supervise the work of the personnel in residence halls.
    • He/she will see that the resident assistants fulfill the duties described in the position description and performance standards.
    • He/she will see that the student leaders fulfill the duties in the position description and performance standards.
    • He/she will see that those responsible for keeping the residence halls clean will fulfill their duties.  
  • In the case of injury or illness, the RD will give assistance when necessary.
    • The RD will report all serious cases of illness and all cases of hospitalization to the Director of Student Development.
    • He/she will call the doctor when advisable.
    • He/she will transport the injured or ill to a hospital when necessary.
    • He/she will make hospital calls and visit students that must remain in their rooms.  
  • Additional Responsibilities
    • Attend all employee meetings, when possible.
    • Assume other duties as assigned.
    • May require occasional evening and weekend duties.  


Bachelor’s degree preferred; equivalent experience considered in lieu of degree

One to three years of relevant experience in higher education setting preferred



Technical skills 

  • Demonstrate proficiency with MS Office, especially Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • Demonstrate the capability of learning other computer applications   

General knowledge and abilities

  • Support the College’s statement of faith, mission, and core values
  • Demonstrate Christian faith and lifestyle
  • Demonstrate integrity and ethics
  • Exhibit a professional appearance, demeanor, and decorum
  • Respond to public inquiries accurately, promptly, and courteously
  • Maintain total confidentiality
  • Demonstrate proficient administrative and organizational skills
  • Demonstrate competent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Demonstrate flexibility in handling multiple responsibilities
  • Meet task completion deadlines as established by supervisor
  • Demonstrate ability to work with other people, including culturally diverse populations



Exposure to standard office conditions, including but not limited to extended sitting and/or standing, reading, writing, typing, speaking, and use of technology



All Trustees, employees, and any other persons acting as recognized representatives of Dallas Christian College shall be willing to affirm the following statement of faith:


“That the Bible, or Holy Scriptures, alone is the divinely inspired Word of God, and therein is contained the revelation of the deity of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation for mankind, and the faith and work of the Church; furthermore, that the testimony of such Scriptures testifies to prophecy concerning His advent, virgin birth, miraculous life, blood atonement, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven, and final return, and is expressly and historically true in the commonly accepted meaning of the terms; in addition, that the Church of the New Testament ought everywhere to be restored with its divine plan of admission: faith, repentance, and baptism, with consequent godly life; and finally, that the Scriptures are wholly sufficient to build the kingdom of God.”


TO APPLY: Please send cover letter, resume, and list of three references to




Adjunct Professor

Open positions:
Creative Writing, Developmental Reading and Writing, Developmental Algebra, College Mathmatics


Requirements for adjunct teaching are 1) minimum of a master’s degree and 2) minimum of 18 graduate hours in the area taught.

Required documents:   1) completed Adjunct Teaching Employment Application, 2) resume/bio, and 3) unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate work.

Please send all documents to Annette Esclavon.  You can fax the documents to her attention at 972-241-8021, scan/e-mail the documents to her at, or mail the documents to her attention at Dallas Christian College, 2700 Christian Parkway, Dallas, TX  75234

Once received, documentation will be given to the appropriate department chair.  The applicant will be contacted by the department chair at such time as there is a possible instructor assignment.  At that time, further documentation will be required.

Adjunct Teaching Employment Application