Adjunct Professor

Ongoing open positions.  Requirements for adjunct teaching are 1) minimum of a master’s degree and 2) minimum of 18 graduate hours in the area taught.

Required documents:   1) completed Adjunct Teaching Employment Application, 2) resume/bio, and 3) unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate work.

Please send all documents to Patty Schroy.  You can fax the documents to her attention at 972-241-8021, scan/e-mail the documents to her at, or mail the documents to her attention at Dallas Christian College, 2700 Christian Parkway, Dallas, TX  75234

Once received, documentation will be given to the appropriate department chair.  The applicant will be contacted by the department chair at such time as there is a possible instructor assignment.  At that time, further documentation will be required.

Adjunct Teaching Employment Application

Dean Of Enrollment Management


The Dean of Enrollment Management (dean) provides overall leadership and direction for Dallas Christian College’s student recruitment, admissions, retention, and institutional communication and marketing efforts. The dean is responsible for developing an enrollment management program built upon quantitative analysis, strategic decision- making, and an ethos of continuous improvement, while fostering a culture that emphasizes strong personal relationships, communication and transparency, entrepreneurism, flexibility, and collaboration. The dean reports to and works closely with the president, partnering with him to establish an ambitious vision for enrolment management that can be clearly articulated. The dean will lead the continued implementation of a multi-year enrollment plan to grow traditional and nontraditional enrollment, enhance the College’s retention and graduation rates, and mobilize a cogent message that leverages DCC’s unique position within higher education and the value proposition for prospective students and their parents.

The dean advises the president in setting and evaluating student recruitment, admissions, and retention policies and practices. Given the DCC athletic department’s vital role in student recruitment, the dean must prioritize a partnership between the enrollment management team and athletic coaches that coalesces goals for academic and athletic excellence. The dean will ensure the engagement of faculty and alumni in the admissions process and development of relationships with external partners, such as secondary school and church leaders, to identify who will thrive in DCC’s unique culture and rigorous educational model.

The successful candidate will engage in an aggressive strategy to grow both traditional and nontraditional enrollment by recruiting students who are most able to benefit from a Christian college education, specifically those that are inclined toward ministry and other vocations through which they can have a significant Kingdom impact, and who are highly likely to persist until graduation. Recruitment strategies will necessarily include heavy engagement with Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, as well as other non-denominational churches, and businesses and non-profit organizations that are likely to produce prospects suited to DCC’s distinctive education.


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