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Students at Dallas Christian College have opportunities to connect with each other, with our community, and with God through the school’s many organizations. Campus organizations vary in nature to include elements such as ministry, athletics, arts, governance, tutoring, etc.

Student Organizations

Student Government

The DCC Student Government plays a large part in our students’ lives.This group is responsible for many of DCC’s social activities, benevolence and service projects, Skip Days, and several student publications.This organization also serves as a sounding board and advisory panel for the college.Officers and representatives elected by the students help make DCC a dynamic community.

Ministry Teams

DCC offers countless opportunities for students to assemble into traveling ministry teams and represent not only Dallas Christian College, but also our Lord. Under the direction of faculty and staff members, teams travel across Texas and the United States to camps, conferences, disaster relief sites, nursing homes, churches, schools, and more.

Camp Teams

DCC’s Camp Teams are sent to camps, conferences, and special events throughout the summer across the country. While the team members are contracted to work for DCC during the summer, they are also our first picks to represent the school at functions throughout the school year. Camp Teams can be one of our students’ most rewarding experiences at DCC.

If you are a current student and looking to create an organization or group on campus, please fill out the form here.

Student Leadership

Student Leaders

Upperclassmen have an opportunity to guide and mentor incoming students and help them to integrate into the DCC family throughout their first few semesters. This integration is critical to every student’s long-term success at DCC, and our Student Leaders are a huge factor in that equation. Email studentdevelopment@dallas.edu to sign up.

Resident Assistants

Each residence hall has three Resident Assistants (R.A.s) to offer leadership and guidance to the other residents. The R.A.’s position entails large responsibility as well as tremendous reward for student-leaders that wish to invest in others.

President's Influence Retreat

The President’s Influence Retreat is for all of the graduating seniors. It is a time to gather together and spend personal time with the DCC President. This gives the President an opportunity to pour into their lives before they become alumni!