DCC is happy to announce that, beginning April 3, the Enrollment Management office will come under the leadership of Mr. Mac Ingmire, including the areas of admissions, financial aid, and athletics.

Mac comes to DCC with an impressive array of experience in both enrollment management and athletic administration.  He is an alumnus of Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL, where he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration.  While at LCU, he interned in marketing for the athletic department at Illinois State University.  Upon graduation from LCU, he worked for a year there as athletic co-ordinator and, from 2013-16, as director of athletics and director of undergraduate enrollment.  During those years, he also completed his Master of Science from Western Kentucky University, in sports administration and recreation.  He will be concluding his current appointment at Toccoa Falls College (Toccoa Falls, GA) where he served first as director of athletics, then as vice president for enrollment management and marketing.

Mac has grown up in the Restoration Movement, his dad being a pastor for fifteen years and then a professor and administrator with both Manhattan Christian College and Lincoln Christian University.  Thus Mac brings with him a deep understanding of the work of the church and of the role the Christian college fills in relation to it.  He knows that all work needs to be Kingdom work.  Says Mac, “I view my work in Christian higher education as a ministry, ” and adds “I have a strong passion and love for the Christian colleges.”

Moreover, he knows that God has led him into enrollment management as ministry.  “My biggest passion in life is simply to grow the Kingdom.  God has shown me that I can have a direct impact in that Kingdom-growth by recruiting students to train and prepare for their life-long ministry, whether that ministry be in the local church or another venue.”  Clearly, with this shared vision, DCC and Enrollment Management are blessed that Mac is joining us.

Mac is married to Jessica, and they have a young son Cohen.  DCC welcomes the family.