Adrianna Walton-Rogers, doing her student teaching in a 3rd -grade class at Kent Elementary in Carrollton TX, reports the following:

Happy, sad, funny, and challenging—so much goes into being a teacher that people don’t know. I am much more appreciative of what teachers do, and now I can see why they say “We don’t get paid enough for what we do”—I agree with that 100%!

One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing the kids mature physically, emotionally, and intellectually through this year. They have grown tremendously, and I am hopeful for their future.

Among the funny things was the day I was wearing a new shirt. I noticed that every time I raised my arm, the kids would snicker and look at each other. I began checking things about my appearance, but all seemed okay, and I kept teaching. They kept snickering. Then at lunch, when I had the task of holding up the red sign to signal clean-up time, a bunch of 4th-graders started laughing and pointing to my shirt. At last a boy nearby said, “You have a tag on your shirt!” There it was, hanging from the underarm. Embarrassing, yes, but no big deal. Why is a tag on a shirt so funny? I have no idea, but I’m glad I made the kids’ day.