DCC’s Practical Ministries Conference A Success

by May 12, 2016Events0 comments


The whole idea was to have topics and sessions that those who attended would be able to take home and utilize in their churches. The practicum was sponsored by Christian Development Fund and DCC. The main speaker was Chris Seidman of The Branch Church in Farmers Branch. The tracks included the following:

  • Multicultural Worship, led by Scott Spies of Dallas Christian College
  • Marketing Your Church: Inside and Out, led by Ted Vaughn of CDF
  • The Church in the Community, led by Brandon Shaffer, pastor of Valley View Christian in Edgewood, NM.
  • Developing Leadership in the Church (Mentoring), led by Sean Morgan of CDF
  • Using Media in the Church, led by Jaron Pitts and James Aspland of The Branch Church
  • Current Bible Study Tools, led by Dr. Mark Hahlen of Dallas Christian College

Many who were at practicum agreed with one attendee who said, “DCC should DEFINITELY do this annually.” We agree – watch for information on Practicum 2016!

Lydia Faith is the public-relations intern at Dallas Christian College and a reporter and photographer at the Cornerstone.