Sue Settle is a delightful person to be around.  Growing up as a farm girl in northern Oklahoma, she loves to help people.  She has an infectious laugh as she sits and talks with Mark and Caroline Worley in her living room in Enid, OK – helping young women to continue their studies at Dallas Christian College brings her absolute joy.  “Giving young people an opportunity to finish their studies at DCC is important to me – people helped me, and I want to pass it along,” Sue says with a smile. “God blessed me and it’s fun to see how He shows me ways I can help others.”  And she does help others – so far she has helped six women stay in school at DCC.  After recently seeing a “thank you” video made by several of the students she has helped, she laughed and said, “I know each one of them!”  She named each student and asked how they were doing – and how their families were doing.  Sue Settle may be just a farm girl from Oklahoma to some, but to those young ladies she has planted the seed so they may realize their dreams of graduating from Dallas Christian College.  We are so thankful for the Sue Settles of the world, making it possible for students to attend college, and better yet, receive a Biblical education.

Sue Settle

Sue Settle

Mark Worley is vice president for advancement at Dallas Christian College.