Each year, Dallas Christian College sends faculty, staff, and students across the globe. Their experiences are transformative as participants immerse themselves into unique cultures, grow closer in their friendships, and also have a substantial amount of fun.

For months prior to departure, students work, save, and raise the money needed to go, and also spend a substantial amount of time learning about the cultures of the people groups they will soon encounter.

They prepare with purpose, for they will go for the same reason that missionaries have gone throughout the Church age: to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations preaching the coming of the Kingdom of God. They are driven and empowered by the single most important event in history: the resurrection of Jesus.

In one culminating action, God brought to fruition his plan to reconcile all people to Himself by conquering sin and death once and for all, and by commissioning those who follow the risen Christ, under his Lordship— the Church—to bring all people under his grace and dominion. That is what Kingdom Week is all about. DCC gets to play a role in God’s Kingdom by taking the good news of the Lord’s salvation to all people groups on earth.

So, this Easter, as we remember the birth, ministry, death, and burial, and as we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus, may we renew our desire to share our hope of salvation and eternal life, based upon Christ’s resurrection, with all nations.

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Dr. Brian Smith is president of Dallas Christian College.