Out of his abundance of experiences in India, former DCC student, Dr. Ajai Lall, and his son-in-law and DCC alum Josh Howard, have written a powerful book about a different kind of extremism — an extremism of love rather than hate.

Several years ago, Mark Worley, VP for Advancement, and a group led by Drew Sherman, lead pastor of Compass Christian Church, traveled to India for a youth conference organized by Dr. Lall.

After the youth conference, where hundreds of young people accepted Christ, the group had a private meeting with five men who had been persecuted for their faith in Christ. It was powerful and moving to hear of men who had been beaten because they were preaching Christ — one whose wife had been killed, another who witnessed his wife being raped, another who lost everything and literally lived with his family under a tree, and another who had been bought out of slavery.

The book tells the stories of these men and how they used their difficult circumstances for God’s glory — one who evangelized the village people who had killed his wife, another who brought one of the rapists to Christ, another who became a powerful church planter, and the other who became an ambassador for the King of Kings. None of them are extremists of hate, but extreme love.

Ajai Lall and Josh Howard’s book, Christian Extremism: A Life Worth Dying For, tell their beautiful story of a different kind of extremism — not one of fear and violence, but one of love and peace.


Mark Worley is vice president for advancement at Dallas Christian College.