Today in Chapel, the Dallas Christian College community prayed for all of those in our state who were affected by Hurricane Harvey, including those in our own DCC family. Our hearts hurt with those who are suffering. Please find below the three ways we are beginning our relief efforts.

  • Assist DCC Family: In order to help those in our DCC Family who have been impacted, we ask that you contact the College at the email address below. We want to establish ways we can help you.
  • Assist Locally: Through the Initiative for Kingdom Engagement (IKE), DCC has partnered with local businesses and churches to serve refugees in North Texas. IKE can help you volunteer to organize and distribute goods and provide child care for local evacuees.
  • Assist Affected Area: After a survey team visit, DCC has identified two partner churches through whom we will engage our initial relief efforts. In upcoming weeks, DCC will send groups to support these churches’ efforts with cleanup and repair teams. We will continue to update as our relief plans develop.

As the College responds to this crisis, we are asking the DCC community to help us in three ways.

  • Pray: Join us in prayer for those who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Please also pray for Dallas Christian College and the rest of the body of Christ as we share love and relief in South Texas.
  • Get Involved: If you’re interested in offering or receiving hurricane assistance, please contact the Director of IKE, Eric Hinton at ehinton@dallas.edu.
  • Donate: DCC is currently partnering with two trusted churches that are making a direct impact in their communities. You can support these churches’ ministries as well as DCC’s efforts by giving to their established relief funds at:

Current, a Christian Church

Northside Christian Church