College is an important milestone in a young student’s life. In just a few short months, new students will join us in our mission in becoming a person of even greater influence, under God’s influence, for a life of influence.

Crusader Connect is an event about joining the legacy of influential students and graduates who are making a difference for Christ around the globe.

Here are some of the things we do at Crusader Connect to give students an easy transition into college life.

Introduction to Life at DCC

Meet the President

Future students will get to hear the vision of the school.

Consult with their degree professor

This is a time where future students will review their degree plan and get to know their professor.

Hear from current and past students

Students will learn how DCC will impact their life.

Registration and Financial Aid Counseling

Financial aid 101

The Director of Financial Aid will give a presentation on what students and their families need to know about financial aid.

Get their fall schedule

After students meet with their degree professor, the Registrar will give students their schedule for the Fall.

Receive their student ID

Their ID will be used for the Cafeteria, Wallace’s, Dorms, Chapel, and many more things.

This year, we launched the Crusader Connect campaign, I choose to be an influence. Accepted students have received a poster and a letter from the President in the mail about joining our campaign.

Our future students will have many exciting opportunities this academic year to create some of the most memorable times of their lives. Crusader Connect dates are June 24th, July 23rd, or August 13th.

If you have received an email or a letter in the mail please sign up for Crusader Connect here.