One of the foundational components of our program is this emphasis on mentoring.  We believe that the very thing that can empower one to be a transformative educator in the field is the teacher’s ability to mentor students. A mentor recognizes that his or her mission is to invest in the mentee for their growth. Here at DCC – we not only teach this idea that a qualitative teacher-student relationship should develop into a mentoring relationship, we also practice it. Our faculty are highly relational – serving our graduates even years later into their careers.

Field Hours


Pass Rate on PPR

Certifications Upon Graduation

Traditional Programs

EC-6 Generalist Program

The EC-6 Generalist program is for any future teacher who plans to teach at an elementary level (Early Childhood – 6th grade).  This program prepares the teacher candidate to better understand the working dynamics of a public elementary school by requiring  a total of 820 field hours within a variety of classroom settings.  From developing a classroom management plan to creating lesson plans that utilize highly effective teaching methods, teacher candidates will experience a pragmatic challenges and opportunities of a traditional public school classroom.

EC-12 Music Education - (Cohort Based)

Music is a valuable part of the fine arts curriculum in public education.  The EC-12 Music Education program is for any student who is planning to teach music in a public school setting (Early Childhood – 12th grade).  This program is designed to align the enriched fine arts curriculum at DCC with practical classroom experiences in today’s public schools.  As a part of 820 field hours, music teacher candidates will be able to experience practical classroom challenges and opportunities at the level they choose to pursue.

7-12 English Language Arts

For any student who hopes to teach English or Literature in middle school or high school, the 7-12 ELA program is the program that best prepares a future teacher for that experience.  As ELA continues to become evermore important in public education, good ELA teachers can provide their students with literary journeys in narratives, poems, sonnets, and other forms of literature.  Additionally, the written word is just as important in communication today as it was centuries ago.

7-12 Social Studies

Social studies includes not just history, but also geography, civics, economics, government…….essentially every component in today’s world.  The 7-12 Social Studies program prepares students who are interested in teaching middle or high school social studies.  With 820 field hours, future teachers will be able to experience a variety of content areas while experimenting with highly engaging methodology that differentiates for the needs of all students.


Below is the list of requirements to be admitted into the undergraduate teacher education program upon completion of Sophomore year.


2.75 Overall GPA


12 Credit Hours

Minimum of 12 credit hours in your content area
(ELA, Social Studies, or Music)


Program Application



Three completed candidate references


Texas Higher Education Assessment(r) or TSI

Complete the Texas Higher Education Assessment(r) with a minimum score of 230 in reading, 230 in mathematics, and 220 in writing. Or complete the Texas Success Initiative with a minimum score of Reading: score of 351. Writing: score of 340 and 4+ on essay or a score of less than 340, and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least 4, and an essay score of at least 5. Math: score of 350.


3.00 Content GPA


Teaching Philosophy

Submitted teaching philosophy (must be typed, 12 font, double-spaced)

A Grade of B or Better

A grade of B or better in ENGL 1310, ENGL 1320, and SPCH 2310

Program Sheet

Completed program sheet for advisement

DCC Admissions Process (Transfer Students)

Must be accepted to DCC by completing the DCC admissions process

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