June 22, 2020 Update


Dear SALTeens Community:

We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well during this challenging season of life. In lieu of a live tour this summer, we have decided to livestream previous concerts from the most recent years, and it begins TONIGHT! (6-22-2020)

We will replay concerts beginning with 2019’s Unashamed program on Monday, June 22nd followed by All In (Tuesday), Identity (Wednesday), Koinonia (Thursday), and finishing up the week with 2014’s Reality presentation on Friday, June 26th.

 The livestream events will begin each evening this week at 7:00 pm with former SALTeens acting as hosts for the event. We will also include video testimonies from former SALTeens as they share the incredible impact that SALTeens has had on their life.

We are planning on using “Holy is the Lord” as a closing song on Friday night that former SALTeens can record and send to us to create a virtual choir of previous SALTeens participants. You can find the link to the “Holy is the Lord” click track & sheet music along with instructions for preparing your video recording at www.dallas.edu/salteens.

One very important note that we want to re-emphasize: For our graduating seniors as well as first-time SALTeens who would be participating this summer, we are inviting you to participate in SALTeens 2021 next summer. We are making this unusual exception in order to give all of you another opportunity to have the “SALTeens experience!”


We know this spring and summer have not turned out like any of us would have liked, but we are doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy and still provide our SALTeens community with an uplifting experience. Take care, and stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you online this week!


Click HERE to watch the LIVE event each night @7:00PM

Share YOUR SALTeens Story

 Film yourself sharing your SALTeens story (in landscape format and .mov or .mp4) and send the file (via Dropbox, Google drive, or any other file sharing service)
to bdicus@dallas.edu if you have any questions, please contact Bruce Dicus. Please include your name and the year(s) that you were in SALTeens.

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