DCC Homecoming 2021 – October 14-16

Wednesday August 11  

10:00-1:00        Volleyball and Women’s Soccer Athletes Move In (Check in at Welcome Center, Admin. Bldg.)

5:30                 Dinner

8:00                 Housing Orientation*


Wednesday, August 18

1:00-5:00          Male Soccer Team Move In (Check in at Welcome Center, Admin Bldg.)

3:00-5:00          Athlete Physicals by Baylor, Scott & White

5:30                 Dinner


Saturday, August 21

9:00-3:00          New Students and Transfers Move into Dorm (Check in at Welcome Center, Admin.


1:00-3:00          Commuters Check In

12:00-2:00        Food Truck – burgers/wings/fries

4:00-4:30          New Student Orientation Session (gym)

4:15                 Parent Session

5:30 – 6:30          Dinner (Cafeteria)

7:00                 Ice Cream Social with DCC Faculty/Staff


Sunday, August 22

9:30                 Donuts/Coffee in Residence Hall Lobby’s and Wallace’s Too                   

10:45                Vans leave for church services at Compass Christian Church

                         2600 Hall Johnson Road, Colleyville, TX 76034

11:30                Compass Christian Church Service (Lunch afterwards on church property)

2:00                 Meet on campus for DCC Experience

6:00                  Dinner on Campus

7:30                 Residence Hall Orientation*


Monday, August 23

8:15-9:00          Breakfast in Cafeteria

9:00-11:30        Classes Begin for DCC 101 and DCC 201

11:30-noon       Lunch in Banquet Hall

noon-2:00         Classes Continue for DCC 101 and DCC 201

2:15-3:00          Mentoring Groups for 1st Year Students

6:00                 Dinner in Cafeteria

7:00                 S’More Fun!


Tuesday, August 24

8:15-9:00          Breakfast in Cafeteria

9:00-11:30        Classes for DCC 101 and DCC 201

11:45-12:30      Lunch in Cafeteria

12:30-2:00        Classes Continue for DCC 101 and DCC 201

4:00-5:00          Athletic Symposium in Gym

5:30-6:15          Dinner in Cafeteria


*On campus residents only

Residence Halls

Application for Residence

All new students must complete the Application for Residence Hall and submit it to the Admissions Office. Apply Now

Traditional Students

All traditional students must reside on campus unless they are living with their parents/guardians, 21 years old or older, or married. All students wishing to reside off campus must receive permission from Karla Kuhl, Director of Student Development, by emailing kkuhl@dallas.edu.

Housing Deposit

All new students must submit a $150 Housing Deposit prior to moving into the Residence Hall (also payable online). This amount cannot be added to the student’s school bill – it must be paid via cash, check, or credit card. It will be refunded (less fees for any damages) when the student permanently leaves the residence hall. Pay Now
  • Bedding for a standard single/twin bed
  • Cleaning supplies – you are responsible for cleaning your own room and bathroom
  • Laundry supplies – you are also responsible for doing your own laundry; and quarters…lots of them
  • Alarm clock
  • Bible
  • Office and school supplies
  • Personal identification (license, bank cards, etc)
  • Toiletries
  • Towels

These items are not allowed due to maintenance & fire code violations.

  • Paint/wallpaper
  • Weapons of any sort (including martial arts weapons, fireworks, air guns, paintball guns, etc)
  • Pets – only fish are allowed
  • Hot plates, toaster ovens, or anything with an exposed heating element
  • Fixed furniture – removable furniture is allowed with permission of Residence Hall Director
  • Open flames: candles, incense, etc.

You may want to check with your roommate to avoid duplication.

  • Mini-refrigerator
  • Microwave, crock-pot, George Foreman grill, coffee maker (with automatic shut-off)
  • Computer, printer, scanner, surge protector
  • Collapsible luggage for easy storage
  • Hangers
  • Small fan
  • Dry erase board for the door
  • Lawn Chair for Community Nights
  • Ear plugs for those nights when your roommate is up late doing homework or watching a movie
  • Flat plastic bins for additional storage under your bed
  • TV, VCR/DVD player, CD player, video-gaming unit
  • Bed lifters – to create under-the-bed storage space (only in girls’ Residence Hall)
  • Shower curtain and rod – to act as a closet door
  • Window curtain/valance and rod
  • Storage bins – the room comes with three small drawers
  • Set of microwave and dishwasher safe dishes and silverware

Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

In accordance with Texas Department of Health Law (Subchapter T 21.610-21.614), all new in-class students must receive a bacterial meningitis vaccination no later than 10 days prior to attending class. Every new student must provide proof of vaccination to the Admissions Office prior to registering for classes. This evidence may include a signed and itemized receipt for immunization from a physician/pharmacy/health care facility, the student’s most recent shot records, or a copy of the student’s shot records. No new student will be permitted to attend class without the required vaccination documentation.  Students may wish to contact their general practitioner as many insurance companies cover this vaccination.


Contact the Student Development Office