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The Communication Coordinator assist the Executive Pastor in overseeing the internal and external communications
for Turning Point Church ensuring that the church’s message is consistent and engaging.
Ministry Area/Department: Creative Arts
Position Title: Communication Coordinator
Accountable To: Executive Pastor
Ministry Target: Staff, Congregation, Community
Position Is: Paid Full Time-Salary – Exempt Employee
Position To Be Filled by: Church Member
Spiritual Gifts Needed: Organization • Leadership • Administration
Personality Traits Needed: Friendly • Dependable • Welcoming • Collaborative
Minimum Maturity Level: Mature Christian • Must complete Ministry Safe Training and TPC

foundational class

Passion For: Strengthening the Body of Christ through effective communication of the

vision and mission of Senior Pastor of Turning Point Church

General duties and responsibilities:
To support the Vision, Purposes, and Process of Turning Point Church by leading all components of communication
and marketing.
Work in conjunction with the Executive Pastor to create and implement a communications strategy and timeline,
which reflects the priorities and vision of Turning Point church.
Specific responsibilities:
Social Media/Marketing
• Communicate with the Social Media vendor to manage all presentations across all relevant platforms
• Assist in planning and management of marketing campaigns on all digital and community platforms
• Manage PR/Marketing Budget
• Work with volunteers involved with social media and photography
• Content creation and management
• Oversee artistic and creative excellence
• Efficient and effective functionality; to include style, usability, search engines, and implementing new
• Timely and strategic updates
• Assist with efforts to the creation and development of the online experience
• Lead efforts to communicate with outsource vendor on all art and promotional materials related to church-
wide events with a high standard of creativity, excellence,0 and effectiveness
• May need to do design work and layout for in-house work
• Lead in setting vision for health in staff communication
• Lead in setting vision for Turning Point’s “brand” to be strongly associated with our values in the community
• Assist in the managing Church/Ministry Branding including the creation/approval of all graphics, promotional
products, digital and printed materials
• Proactively plan and work with ministries to support their communication needs
• Coordinate communication/creative requests for events, classes, and community outreach
• Weekly create and deliver Eblast communication via Church Teams database
• Communicate with Website outsource vendor to ensure information is current, clear, and concise

• Oversee written material and secure writers related to promotions
• Editing and proof and reading for accuracy and appropriateness
Volunteer Teams
• Develop volunteers as deemed necessary to accomplish communication goals. Recruit, train, and care for
volunteers such as artists, designers, photographs, and writers
• Attend Creative meetings as directed by Executive Pastor
• Engage in creative project rollout
• Other duties as assigned by Executive Leadership (Pastor, Administrator and Senior Pastor)
Preferred Skills:
• Attention to detail
• Energetic self-starter
• Organizational skills
• Tenacity and follow-through
• Verbal and Written Communication skills
• Interpersonal and Relational skills
• Adaptability and Flexibility
• Growing Disciple of Jesus Christ
• Faithful and regular tither
• Active member in church
• Supports the church’s theology, staff, leadership, vision and values

Preferred Experience:
• Experience in church ministry setting preferred
• Familiarity with Turning Point Church culture and environment preferred
Preferred Education:
Bachelor’s Degree preferred

PLEASE EMAIL RESUME TO Valerie.See@tpcfamily.org

To apply for this job email your details to Valerie.See@tpcfamily.org