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Mission Statement: Our church exists to see lives changed by the love of Jesus.


What does that mean? Saving souls. Breaking addictions. Healing marriages. Giving hope. Overcoming anxiety and depression. Restoring purpose. Building real community. We believe that God is still all about the transformation of human lives, and so that’s what we’re all about as well. We are focused on both evangelism and discipleship…and that’s pretty much it.


We are a growing intergenerational church in the south suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, about 18 minutes over the Ohio/Kentucky border. We are nondenominational.


We average 550 in Sunday morning attendance, post-COVID. We have 80% of our attendance in a group, and we’ve baptized 93 people this year, with one more baptism Sunday scheduled for December.




We keep things simple. We believe God changes lives when people are willing to take three key steps.



What does that mean?


KNOW GOD by coming to church on Sunday mornings and learning to connect with God through Spiritual disciplines.


GROW IN COMMUNITY by joining a group.


GO CHANGE THE WORLD by sharing the gospel and serving in the church or out in the community.






We believe the Bible is still all that’s needed to speak transformational truth in an increasingly post-Christian world. We believe that the Holy Spirit still does miracles and that all the gifts are still active and worthy of pursuit in a way that is discerning and does not turn off the “inquirer”. We are intense about integrity and hold those in leadership to the highest standards of holiness. We believe everyone has role to play and are passionate about helping people find their purpose. We fight for the forgotten, including giving real time, energy and money to becoming a multi-ethnic church in a predominately Caucasian area. We empower women in both preaching and pastoral roles. We believe this is just the beginning, and are unapologetic in our desire to grow numerically and reach as many lost people as possible and help them find maturity in Christ.


Our staff team is young and energetic. We hang out with each other outside of work. We work hard and have as much fun as possible along the way.


Staff Core Values

We make things that move us (excellence)
We figure it out and follow through (work ethic)
We crave coaching (professional development)
We make decisions that are values-driven (wisdom)
We choose celebration not competition (team spirit)
We talk to each other, not about each other (trust and unity)
We have fun and become friends (sustainability)
We believe our emotional health determines our church’s health (emotional health)




Our youth group has doubled in size over the last two years, and now averages over 50 kids between middle school and high school. Our previous youth leadership had reached their leadership capacity limit. We are now looking for someone who can help take the youth group to the next level, both in size and depth of maturity.


We are looking for a leader of leaders with an exceptionally strong preaching gift. We believe that discipleship happens in relationship, and we are looking for a leader passionate about building a team of volunteers to disciple students. We believe that a youth group should be about reaching lost students in the community and helping our churched kids grow in their passion for Jesus. We are looking for someone who is eager to do both.


We hope for the youth pastor to preach in at least a semi-regular rotation on Sunday mornings for the adult congregation. Someone with aspirations to take on greater responsiblities and more senior leadership in the long run is a plus. This position is full time and reports to our lead pastor Vince Pierri.


Check out a service at thebridgenky.com.


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To apply for this job please visit justchurchjobs.com.