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Job Goal: SunHills is looking for a pastorally oriented and outgoing individual to lead our congregation in worship. The ideal candidate will provide leadership in the areas of worship and creative oversight which furthers our mission of living in God’s love and living out God’s love.

Reports to: Lead Pastor




A . Job Responsibilities

Pastoral- Oversight of all areas of worship ministries including:

Teams: build and develop relationships with people who will serve in worship and tech ministries; and cultivate a strong team dynamic among this group
Gatherings: pray, plan and prepare for worship gatherings which facilitate real engagement with the Trinity (in other words, we’re not just looking for a ‘song leader’). This will, of course, happen in conjunction with others; invite creativity; and intentionally engage both physical and virtual participants.
The other 6: cultivate other ways (not just Sunday or at ‘services’) that will prompt people to worship as an everyday part of their lives (Rom 12:1,2) in living in – and living out – God’s love
Next Gen: Cultivate worship for the next Generation. Working with student ministry to develop worship teams and experiences for youth gatherings.


Other Pastoral leadership: We want to leave space for the candidates’ giftings to help shape the rest of his/her role depending on their passions and abilities.

This may include leadership over-

Community care and discipleship
Mission and Outreach
Creative – design, media, events


B. Personal Responsibilities

Authentic engagement in your own living in God’s love and living out God’s love
Personal, relational engagement with people in the church and community
Operate with the values of:
humble – in genuine connection with God (Jn 15); in our relationships; and in teachability
healthy – pursuing health: spiritually, emotionally, relationally (and physically too)
hopeful – believing and looking for the best; genuine gratitude and faith filled steps forward
hungry – in sincere passion, initiative and investment, and commitment to the mission

To apply for this job, please click here https://justchurchjobs.com/apply/2302

To apply for this job please visit justchurchjobs.com.