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The Children’s Ministry Director is responsible to oversee the entire children’s ministry to ensure a smoothly operating, safe, and effective program. The director will recruit and train leaders who will touch children’s lives with God’s love, teach them God’s Word and provide fellowship with God’s people—laying a foundation that will keep children interested in the things of God and involved in church.

Qualifications for the position are as follows:

·        A strong and personal relationship with Jesus

·        Passion for connecting children and families to Jesus and Summit Church

·        Ability to work well with children and families

·        Commitment to growing personally in faith and helping children grow in faith

·        Strong desire to engage in a team atmosphere

·        Strong written and verbal communication skills

·        Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to train and teach parents and volunteers

·        Ability to learn and offer creative solutions to disciple children and families

·        Capacity to inspire and motivate leaders and volunteers

·        Ability to deal with information in a confidential manner and respond with sensitivity

·        Good organizational skills

·        Strong ethical stands and the ability to create trust and integrity with co-workers and volunteers

Responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:

·        Oversee all ministry to children in the church, including Vacation Bible School, from Nursery to 4th grade

·        Oversee recruitment and weekly scheduling of volunteer staff (Nursery+Kids’ Church)

·        Serving with Kids’ Church or Nursery to lead and observe team members

·        Oversee training and development of volunteer staff

·        Lead in training a “second” to be able to lead in your absence

·        Oversee organization and printing of lesson plans as well as uploading plans into Pro-Presenter

·        Oversee purchasing and preparation of craft materials in relation to Kids’ Church

·        Work with Senior Pastor and staff on future objectives and plans pertaining to Summit Kids which include, but not limited to, an after-school program.

·        Develop and oversee off-campus events/camps in relation to Summit Kids

·        Work with church staff to ensure effective communication of program objectives

·        Attend weekly staff meetings and Sunday services


To apply for this job, please click here https://justchurchjobs.com/apply/2181

To apply for this job please visit justchurchjobs.com.