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If you are looking for a typical worship leader position where you lead a team of volunteers, sing on Sunday, then spend the rest of your week in a church office, this job is NOT for you.


Here at Pioneer Church we believe if you want different results then you have to do things DIFFERENTLY! There are plenty of good churches doing good things, but at Pioneer Church we want to start a NEW movement of worship in the next generation.


What are we looking for? Great question!


Think quarantine crew but with worship leaders. Well sorta…


Pioneer Church is looking for a young TEAM of worship leaders to move to Ludington, MI to build, lead, and PASSIONATELY develop a culture of worshipers. Worship leaders will have housing provided so they can work closely with the team and create some team chemistry. If you are married, we can accommodate housing as well!


This job could be for YOU if…


You are first and foremost compelled to reach those disconnected from God through worship. That’s a great sign! Worship leaders also need to be big team players and hard workers. This job could also be for you if you love coffee, want to live on a beach, and love spending time in the great outdoors!


If all this sounds like something you can jump on board with lets start a conversation!


Send resumes to office@pioneer-church.org


To apply for this job, please click here https://justchurchjobs.com/apply/2207

To apply for this job please visit justchurchjobs.com.