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Making Disciples at the World's Crossroads

Global City Mission is seeking a regional mobilizer to serve part-time (discussing full-time is also an option) as a mission mobilizer in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  Mobilizers are focused on helping move believers to engage the harvest. For Global City Mission the ministry of mobilization is multi-faceted & comprehensive. It includes: identifying churches for GCMI evangelism training, recruiting individuals and/or groups to participate in disciple-making training & coaching opportunities to reach their own communities, and to discover individuals interested in serving cross-culturally in urban missions.

This is a missions role; therefore, it does require raising financial partnership.  We desire to invite a mission mobilizer to join our team and to focus on activating disciple-makers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  If you fit this description, please contact us for an exploratory conversation.  You can find more details here:  https://globalcitymission.org/join-the-team/regional-mobilizer/