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Youth and Communications Director


General Statement:

The Youth and Communications Director is responsible for development and execution of all church communications and a comprehensive program of Christian development for youth. The Youth and Communications Director will consult with staff, appropriate committees, and program leaders concerning activities in their area when students are involved and when church-wide communication is needed. We believe The Youth and Communications Director must be a Christian called by God, led by the Holy Spirit and adequately trained.



1)     The Director of Communication reports and submits to the authority of the Pastor of Discipleship and Evangelism.

2)     The Director of Communication will work with the staff, committees, and other teams.



1)     The Youth and Communications Director will pursue a vibrant and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ and model a consistently maturing faith in their actions and relationships.

2)     The Youth and Communications Director will have experience and a love for youth ministry.

3)     The Youth and Communications Director will have a working knowledge of various aspects of social media, website management, and database technology.


Youth Ministry Duties:

1)     Serve as coordinator and resource person for youth ministry in the church working with the parents, the Youth Committee and other existing organizations of the church.

2)     Plan, staff, promote and implement a weekly youth ministry gathering.

3)     Oversee Sunday morning youth ministry.

4)     Conduct, promote and coordinate all youth events.

5)     Plan four ministry events a year including a mission trip.

6)     Train and supervise Youth Ministry support staff.

7)     Participate as a member of church council.

8)     Attend weekly staff meetings.


Communication Duties:

1)     Responsible for acquiring and maintaining all printed and digital communication for the church.

2)     Responsible for maintaining the church’s online presence including but not limited to the following:

a.     Social Media sites

b.     YouTube

c.      The church website

3)     Responsible for all aspects of Planning Center excluding financial matters. Included but not limited to:

a.     Maintaining membership records.

b.     Maintaining an email distribution list. (Mailchimp and Google included)

c.      Maintaining event registrations.

d.     Maintaining volunteer lists and distributing weekly reminders.

e.     Maintaining kid check software.

f.       Posting information and workflow concerning visitors.

g.     Sending out rosters for all LifeGroups and classes.

h.     Recording weekly LifeGroup attendance.

i.       Gathering attendance numbers for LifeGroups and worship services.


This position is a Full-time position and furthers the church’s religious mission.




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