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CRISTA Camps provide memorable camp experiences on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula where people encounter Christ and servant leaders are developed. Staff and interns at our award-winning camp communicate Christian values as they lead activities, participate in programmed events, and serve guest groups. Some of the activities the kids have the opportunity to participate in are as follows:

Archery, swimming, canoeing, rock walls, horseback trail riding and much more! Miracle Ranch has the opportunity to serve thousands of kids and adults every summer.

CRISTA Camps is on the search for young adults who love Jesus Christ and who are interested in having an amazing summer of growth, service and fun. These young adults will have a life changing experience working at CRISTA Camps! They will grow spiritually, personally, relationally and professionally throughout the summer! Servant leadership development will transfer over to future opportunities and life experiences no matter what field they are pursuing!


During the summer, Miracle Ranch provides lessons, trails rides and horse education. This position creates amazing opportunities for the development of servant leadership, communication skills, horsemanship knowledge and interpersonal relationships. Working at the Miracle Ranch’s horse program provides a place for the horse enthusiasts to serve Jesus by teaching kids and adults about horsemanship. There’s a lot of variety in a wrangler’s schedule but here are a few of things which wranglers participate in. Wranglers provide the care and management of the herd of 40+ horses at Miracle Ranch under the direction of the horse program director and the head wrangler. This consists of feeding, chores and cleaning for the horses and small farm animals on camp property. In addition, wranglers teach or assist in the group lessons in western or english horsemanship. During this time, wranglers are instructing and correcting the riders in their riding and ensuring the safety of the rider and their horse. Trails rides are a large part of Miracle Ranch’s program and wranglers mount riders on horses, give an orientation on basic riding skills then go on the trails rides with guests. This position requires horsemanship experience. Wranglers also assist in program and housekeeping as needed throughout the summer though the horse program is the wrangler’s main responsibility.

(General overview and may not include all details of responsibilities)


Horsemanship: Care and prepare horses for lessons, trails and other horse related activities.
Safety: Maintain responsibility, awareness and adherence of safety standards.
Camper Care: Maintain responsibility for physical, emotional, and spiritual care of campers during camper interactions.
Program: Assist in program areas as needed, such as games, skits, or counseling.
Guest Service: Assist with meal crews, housekeeping, and other guest service needs throughout the week.
Community: Contribute to and participate in the Summer Staff community.
Work collaboratively with supervisor, coworkers and campers.
Perform other related duties as assigned.
Personal conduct that reflects well on CRISTA Ministries and supports our personal conduct policy

Perform all duties consistent with the CRISTA Ministries Mission Statement


Profession that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
Ongoing affirmation, alignment with and support of CRISTA’s Statement of Faith and Christian Community Representative Statement (CCC).
Demonstrates the values of a CRISTA leader.
High School diploma or GED required.
Excellent customer service.
Horsemanship Experience
Able to communicate clearly to others.
Able to work collaboratively with all Camps staff and customers.


CPR Certification  (we will provide an opportunity for certification during training week)


CRISTA Camps is an amazing place to serve kids and Jesus Christ where you will grow, gain practical and leadership skills and have a blast while you are doing it! Here are some other benefits you receive while working at camp.

Food is provided
Housing is provided
Paid by a weekly stipend

This is a full summer position starting in mid to late June of 2023. Working at CRISTA Camps is a great in between school year summer job.


Visit our website to learn more. https://cristacamps.com/get-involved/summer-staff/


CRISTA exists to make known the love of Jesus Christ through demonstrated works of service and ministry. We use every method available so that the people of the world may hear the Gospel, accept Christ as their Savior, and grow in their faith. We are a united yet diverse family of Biblical Ministries inspired by a shared vision to serve and impact the young through the elderly, all cultures and backgrounds, in our own backyard and around the world through excellence in our service and operations. By leading a healthy and sustainable organization, CRISTA empowers its ministries to serve the needs of the world and share the Gospel, making disciples. Our commitment is to glorify, honor and obey the Lord in all we do through a workforce of staff and volunteers who are called, committed, and faithful Christians.

CRISTA is five distinct ministries, each with their own vision and mission. And yet, they are all part of the CRISTA family. Each ministry has answered the call to serve in their unique way, striving together toward one goal—to draw people into a transforming relationship with Christ. From World Concern’s relief and development efforts around the globe; from CRISTA Media’s stations that broadcast uplifting messages and music through your radio dials to the fireside songs that bring joy to campers year-round at CRISTA Camps; from the young minds equipped with knowledge at King’s Schools to the seniors receiving exceptional care at CRISTA Senior Living. Whether traversing the globe or right in our backyard, the CRISTA family of ministries is empowered to meet the needs of those we serve.


CRISTA is a Christian, religious organization that lives out its faith-based mission through five ministries: CRISTA Camps, CRISTA Media, CRISTA Senior Living, King’s Schools, and World Concern. As permitted by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, CRISTA reserves the right to prefer employees of a particular religion and to require its employees to hold certain religious beliefs, engage in certain religious observances, and engage in or refrain from engaging in certain behavior, based on CRISTA’s religious beliefs. CRISTA’s employees must agree with and support without reservation CRISTA’s Statement of Faith and must conduct themselves in accordance with the religious beliefs and practices that flow from that Statement of Faith and CRISTA’s Christian Community Policy.

Among those employees and employment applicants who agree with and support without reservation and abide by the Statement of Faith and CRISTA’s Christian Community Policy, CRISTA does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic. Based on its religious beliefs, CRISTA values and respects the dignity of all persons and appreciates the diversity of God’s creation.



To apply for this job please visit cristacamps.com.