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The official main responsibility is to ensure religious programs and services are available to the incarcerated. However, it is far grander than that. There are 3 Chaplain positions currently posted of the 14 positions, statewide. I believe I am the first and only Restoration one. and I will be glad to answer questions. The openings will close soon, so apply soon if the Lord leads you to do so. The link below is to the facility I’m transferring out of to be closer to my family. I plan to mentor the incoming Chaplain. There is huge momentum already in motion, and the blessings have been off the charts. The annual baptism rate for 35 years was .6, but we had 8 in 2021 and were scheduled to have 9 in 2022 (postponed 3 until next week due to security problems twice, which were beyond anyone’s control). A new secondary chapel is scheduled to be dedicated on January 11, 2023. I could go on. Just know things are going exceedingly well, and this as well as the other two Chaplain opportunities are just remarkable. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Here’s the link to one of the positions: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/washington/jobs/3853052/religious-coordinator

Here’s my email: jeffrey.adams@doc1.wa.gov