DCC Hometown Visits

Dallas Christian College is a family that includes faculty, staff and students. We strive to foster connections that support strong relationships with all members of the DCC family.

The isolation imposed by the COVID pandemic has created many challenges to keeping these connections strong. Two staff members at DCC came up with a unique plan to support the connections with current students and establish connections with new students planning to begin at DCC this fall semester.

On July 11th Karla Kuhl (Director of Student Services) and Breanda Williams (Director of Student Financial Services) embarked on a road trip through Texas and Oklahoma in an attempt to connect with current and future students and families. Kate Donathan (2017 DCC alumni) went along and captured the trip in photos.

Their goal was to see as many DCC students as possible and they knocked it out of the park! Hometown Visits were completed in 7 days, 54 students were visited and 2511 miles were travelled! Karla and Breanda were blessed to be able to offer encouragement to families too since the current situation caused many of them to be at home. They also presented each student with a “Make it Happen” t-shirt.

Nothing like this had been done before and they weren’t sure how it would be received. What they found was a lot of excitement and surprise that staff from the college would go to the trouble to see and meet students at their homes. It put a smile on everyone’s face and parents took as many pictures as Karla and Breanda did! Some of the comments heard were: “Where are you coming from?” “What’s your next stop?” “My school is the best school to make visits during a pandemic!” and “This is so cool!”

DCC has been excited to see many of these students returning for the Fall semester . Enjoy these pictures below of some of the stops along the way.

[Read article published in Christian Standard Magazine]