Dear Friend in Christ,

My wife and I were watching the news recently and my wife said, “I get so frustrated hearing about all of these problems in our society, but no real solutions.” That struck a chord with me – have you ever felt that way? It frustrates me as well.

Then I went to Dallas Christian College’s graduation ceremony, which frankly was more like a worship experience rather than simply a commencement service. I saw a young Hispanic woman who came from a small town in Texas receive the award for valedictorian. I knew the transformation that she had experienced at DCC. She’s already in ministry in Utah. 

I saw a young Caucasian man who had struggled with teenage arthritis and at one time had questioned God because of that disease walk across the stage to receive his diploma. He is already in ministry in Dallas. 

I saw a young African-American woman from a single-parent home who came to DCC to play basketball but walked across the stage a confident woman of God who graduated with honors. She plans to be an influence for Christ in the business world. I could go on and on because that’s what happens at DCC, but I think you get the point – I was watching the solution! 

It is true, things are difficult right now: 

  • There’s turmoil all over the country.
  • Racial protests and riots are in cities all around. 
  • Higher education is producing secular humanists. 
  • There’s gender confusion. 
  • There’s identity crisis. 
  • Attacks on the Christian faith are growing. 
  • There’s anger and bitterness everywhere. 
  • Abortion is not only the norm – it’s celebrated. 
  • Worldviews are being changed by the media 
  • No one fully knows who’s telling the truth or not telling the truth – or where truth can be found. 
  • Title IX and LGBTQ issues are prevailing over Christian principles.

The solution was never more real to me than at that commencement (worship) experience – NOW IS THE TIME!


  • for Christian higher education
  • for teaching the truth about God’s word
  • for teaching students how to think for themselves
  • to help students see the world from a Christian worldview
  • to help students defend and promote their faith
  • to produce Christian leaders in the churches, classrooms, schools, gyms, playing fields, businesses, and family counseling centers

There has never been a greater need, a greater time than NOW to support Christian higher education.

  • If you are convinced of the need for leaders for the Church, mission organizations, non-profits, Kingdom businesses, etc. but not convinced of DCC’s vital role in that task . . . ask yourself, “Who will lead them?”
  • If you are convinced of the need for leaders equipped to speak into the culture with a Christian world view . . . NOW is the time to equip leaders.
  • If you are convinced of the urgency to equip leaders through an excellent Christian education and transformational relationships . . . NOW is the time to support Christian higher education.
  • If you are convinced that the solution is raising up influencers who will communicate the truth of God’s word and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with love and grace . . . NOW is the time to be generous!



Were you aware that your generosity goes directly to scholarships? 

  • YOU become an integral part of the solution.
  • YOU produce the answer – students/graduates who can accomplish the Great Commission.
  • YOU can help DCC to be more affordable, accessible, and attainable, and therefore, equip more Christian leaders.
  • YOU can change the world one student at a time!


This fall is expected to be the highest new student enrollment in DCC history – will you help us help them to be able to afford Christian higher education with your generosity? If you are as frustrated with the news and lack of a solution, you can be a huge part of the solution by helping one student at a time to receive a Christian higher education and change the world for Christ.

We are nearing the end of our fiscal year and you can help us end the year with adequate financial resources – and provide scholarships for workers for the harvest field. Thank you so much for being a part of the solution with your generosity!



Brian D. Smith, President 
Dallas Christian College


P.S. – YOUR partnership with DCC really is the solution–here and now!!