Dr. Larry Thompson, Dallas Christian College Business Department Chair, said,
“It has been impressed upon my heart to call for a collective time of prayer entreating Our Mighty God for the healing of our souls and our land. I know that many of you like me are feeling the pain of what we are witnessing and experiencing in this land that God has provided for us. There are proposals and ideas of how to move forward, which are great, but I feel the need to call upon the One that controls all things and has never lost a battle. My desire and I am sure that your desire is for unity, the unity that comes through the Love of Jesus. The only plan, the only source, and the only Person that can do that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, I have gained approval from the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Dept. to conduct a “Prayer Gathering” on the Plaza of Dallas City Hall (1500 Marilla St) downtown Dallas tomorrow (6/10/2020) from 5:30-6:30pm.

Dr. Thompson and Dr. Corey Auen (Worship Arts Chair) led the large “Prayer Gathering,” which included church leaders, DCC faculty, staff, students, alumni, and people who simply came by (some thinking this was a protest and wanted to be a part of the crowd).  It was not only a prayer gathering but became an evangelistic outreach.  With news helicopters flying overhead, the group prayed for a solid hour.  Those who prayed included Dr. Thompson, Dr. Auen, VP Mark Worley, DCC alumni, church leaders, and President Brian Smith. 

DCC Registrar Crystal Laidacker shared, “Thank you Larry for organizing the service. I got to overhear a conversation that I think all will want to hear. A young lady with camera gear walked up to Larry and said she is going to make a video of the service. She said she’s been video-recording most of the rallies/protests/marches and she said, ‘This one was different . . . it wasn’t like the others . . . it was nice!’ A seed was planted. May they know us by our LOVE!  Thanks Larry . . .”

Mark Worley, VP for Advancement, later shared, “What an awesome event! Thank you for including me in the invitation and in participation. Thank you, Larry, for your heart for Christ and His people. It was a blessing and an honor to stand with brothers and sisters. It was not lost on me that a few feet away, an angry demonstration was taking place, but Christ and his love was demonstrated on our corner of the city. Thank you for listening to the prompting of our Lord. As Lee (one of the leaders who prayed) said, “We will not forget this day!