Dallas Christian College’s Men’s Basketball team, coached by Dwight Coleman, played an intense basketball game that was followed by a life being saved. Coach Coleman was “closing up the gym. I was talking to a dad from the school we played that night. He was walking with me, with his son behind me. We were in the middle of talking and he just fell to the floor . . . dead.  The next twenty-two minutes felt like twenty years of my life.  We started doing CPR – I even heard what I thought was his ribs cracking (later, the doctor said there were no cracked ribs).  Stephen Cobb, Director of IT and a military veteran, remembered that DCC had an AED and sent a student to go get it. Jana who is DCC’s trainer came into the gym and helped with the overall process. I just remember a group of the student athletes gathering in a circle to pray.  Things were happening so fast, and yet it seemed like it was all in slow motion.”

The man’s wife said, “I wanted to say that we are incredibly thankful to God that he had that incident there at the school where there was an AED device on the campus. My husband’s cardiologist said that, according to his tests and physical responses after he collapsed, he was dead before he hit the ground. He suffered from sudden death cardiac arrest. Since then, he has had an ICD defibrillator implanted in his chest, which the cardiologist said will keep that from ever happening again.

“The CPR and constant chest compressions kept my husband’s blood flowing to his organs and his brain until the AED device could be used and until the EMTs got there. Without them manually pumping blood to his organs and brain, he would’ve suffered damage to his brain and internal damage. Our son told us some of the players ran outside to help guide the ambulance to the correct building, which allowed the EMTs to go directly where he was and help him. Knowing that every second mattered, we are truly grateful. Our steps are definitely ordered by the Lord and Him putting you all in our path was such a blessing to us. He is a walking, breathing miracle!