In January of 2020, DCC began to make aggressive, strategic decisions regarding the future of the College. See below a list of some of the incredible steps of progress DCC took, even in a year of COVID-19:


  • Major campus improvements
    • Solar panels on dormitory windows
    • New entryway sign
    • New parking lots
    • New bleachers in the gym 
  • Launched Honors Program
    • Chairs of each department were given the opportunity to interview prospective students in their program for up to $15,000 in scholarships.
  • Added new sports and Division 1 scholarships
    • DCC began Men’s and Women’s Cross-country in NCCAA Division 1, which gave the coach the opportunity to offer scholarships to athletes.
    • Men’s Soccer moved to NCCAA Division 1, which helped to rebuild the team. The Men’s Soccer team won regional competition and earned a place in the Nationals competition.
    • Men’s Baseball became an NCCAA Division 1 sport, which gave the coach the opportunity to offer scholarships to athletes.
    • Women’s Volleyball won the regional championship and was 2nd in the nation.
  • Bolstered online offerings
    • DCC “reset” tuition for DCC Online courses. In a strong push for ministry program students, DCC cut tuition from $568 to $295 per credit hour, and $395 for all other online students.
  • Fully opened for classes in Fall 2020
    • Following COVID-19 guidelines, DCC opened for classes in the Fall 2020 term. Because DCC was already proficient in online instruction, DCC gave students the option of attending every class either live or virtual.
    • DCC opened in the fall with an increase in student enrollment over the previous year.
  • Outreach
    • Director of Student Development Karla Kuhl and Director of Student Financial Services Breanda Williams went on a summer tour of home visits all over Texas, encouraging new and returning students as the school year was about to begin.
    • DCC used Zoom for Donor and Alumni “Lunch with the President” sessions, giving updates on the College, along with testimonials.
    • DCC started Leadership Podcasts:
    • DCC offered Webinars:
    • Homecoming Celebrations
      • DCC celebrated its 70th Anniversary on September 12, 2020. A Virtual Homecoming event was held for alumni along with an on-campus celebration for current students and faculty/staff. Check out our website for more information and Homecoming resources:  https://www.dallas.edu/dcc70/
      • More to come!
    • Service
      • DCC partnered with Compass Christian Church and Children’s Hunger Fund for its Serve Day and North Texas Giving Day event on September 17th. Over 96,000 meals were prepared for children in Cuba. Check out the Facebook Live event that was held during the Serve Day:
      • DCC partnered with Compass Christian Church and their Meal Marathon to help set up, prepare meals, and tear down for the event. This partnership helped prepare 600,000 meals for people in Haiti and Arizona (Native-American Reservation).
    • Development of New Website:
      • Check out the new look at www.dallas.edu
      • Social media advertising,


It has been an incredibly busy year! Drew Sherman says, “When the world pushed pause, the Church pushed play.”  And that’s exactly what DCC did as well!