DCC Diversity & Inclusion

D & I Overview

Diversity and Inclusion at DCC means creating an environment whereby all students, faculty, staff, are treated consistent with the bible. D&I allows for personal growth and development while maintaining a biblical worldview and an environment of trust and individual value.  Our guiding principle in valuing Diversity and Inclusion is and will always be in accordance with our biblical worldview in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

D & I Definition

Diversity refers to our uniqueness and differences as individuals. Inclusion refers to the process whereby this diversity is accepted, respected and valued. Within the parameters of a Christian-world view, diverse opinions are not left out.

DCC Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We recognize and value each person as God’s created being; we are consistent in aligning our approach to diversity and inclusion with biblical truths.

Purpose of D & I

To develop a greater understanding of people in different cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles and move forward through the lens of scripture.

What is the D&I Committee?

The DCC D&I committee consists of a combination of representatives from faculty, staff, and the student body. The committee works to enhance diversity at DCC (through education and initiatives) and receives reports or concerns from the DCC community regarding diversity and inclusion. Current committee members include; Dr. Thompson (Chair of Committee), Dr. Neal, Tyese, Breanda, Coach Dalton, Yesenia, Pablo.

How Does D & I Affect Each of Us?

It affects our social environment and strengthens our community. Diversity enriches the educational experiences, it challenges stereotyped preconceptions. It encourages critical thinking and helps students, staff and faculty learn to communicate effectively with people from varied backgrounds.

How Can I get Involved in D & I?

If you know of any situations or problems that are happening around campus feel free to let us know. If you have any ideas you’d like to express feel free to contact us using the form below.