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Summer Courses 2021

Course # Course Title Section Special Dates

SUMMER, 2021

GENS-0111 Online Orientation  OL 5/1-5/16
BUAD-4350 Business Internship OL 5/17-???
INDS-4350 Interdisciplinatry Studies Internship OL 5/17-???
PMIN-4350 Pracitical Ministry Internship OL 5/17-???
PSYC-4350 Psychology Internship OL 5/17-???

SUMMER I, 2021

GENS-2111 DCC 201 OL 1 5/17-6/27
BIBL-2330/3301 Introduction to Biblical Research OL 1 5/17-6/27
BIBL-3322 Psalms and Wisdom Literature OL 1 5/17-6/27
BUAD/PMIN-2321 Introduction to Conflict Management OL 1 5/17-6/27
EDUC-4321 Philosophy and History of Christian Education OL 1 5/17-6/27
ENGL-3316 C.S. Lewis OL 1 5/17-6/27
HIST-1311 World Civilization I OL 1 5/17-6/27
PSYC-3321 Pastoral Counseling OL 1 5/17-6/27
THEO-2310/3310 Themes in Biblical Theology OL 1 5/17-6/27


BIBL-1332 Old Testament Survey OL 1 6/28-8/8
BIBL-4306 Joshua-Esther OL 1 6/28-8/8
BUAD/PMIN/PSYC-3302 Applied Leadership OL 1 6/28-8/8
ENGL-4300 Special Topics: Literature OL 1 6/28-8/8
HIST-1321 World Civilization II OL 1 6/28-8/8
HIST-4331 U.S. History: Civil War OL 1 6/28-8/8
RELI-1304 World Religions OL 1 6/28-8/8
PHIL-3310 Worldviews and Ethics OL 1 6/28-8/8
PMIN-3305 Biblical Foundations for Ministry OL 1 6/28-8/8


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