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Adult students with a sufficient number of transfer credits – enrolled in the FLEXCampus program – can cut ONE TO TWO YEARS OFF their time to graduate, and benefit financially from greatly reduced tuition costs in the summer.
FLEXCampus students should contact Anthony Brewer, Director of Enrollment, at abrewer@dallas.edu


All classes will be online—no class to attend or recordings to watch. It can totally fit your summer work schedule.

Summer 2020 Online Class Schedule

Summer I—May 19-June 29
(all classes start on Tuesday)
Summer II—June 30-August 9
(all classes start on Tuesday)

BIBL-1331 NT Survey

EDUC-4321 Philosophy and History Christian Ed.

HIST-1311 World Civilization I

HIST-1321 World Civilization II

BIBL-3320 Psalms & Wisdom Lit.

BIBL-4312 Revelation

BIBL-1332 OT Survey

Themes in Biblical Theology

PSYC/BUAD/PMIN 2311 Leadership Styles

HIST-3325 Civil Rights

ENGL-3316 C.S. Lewis (Lit. Elective)

PHIL 3310 Worldviews & Ethics

SPCH-2310 Speech

MGMT 2320 Mgmt. Communications

MISS-3323 Cults and the Occult

ENGL-1320 Composition II

Internships open…

BIBL-1331 NT Survey