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* Reduced tuition effective Spring 2021. DCC was founded as a minister preparation college. The lower tuition honors those historical roots and reduces the financial barrier for those who want to study to serve churches.

 **Reduced tuition effective Spring 2021. One of the lowest tuition rates for an accredited degree in this region as of Fall 2020.




Starting at just $295 per credit hour, Dallas Christian College Online offers one of the most affordable Christian colleges degrees in the country. Qualified students can use federal financial aid as well as veterans’ benefits. Our accelerated degree tracks mean fewer semesters paying tuition and more time earning, because the only thing that should be hanging over your head at graduation is a tassel.


Education at your fingertips. Dallas Christian College Online degrees enable students and professionals to attend from anywhere in the world with high-speed internet. With no ACT, SAT or GRE scores required, applying to DCC is quick and easy!


You can earn the degree you want and move forward in a meaningful career! Dallas Christian College Online uses a generous credit-transfer policy to help you start your journey with as many credits as possible—and reach the finish line faster. Our degree programs are ABHE accredited and meet the real-world needs of churches and businesses.

DCC|Online Programs

Top-tier learning begins with a clear view of the world. Questions like, “Who am I”? “Where did I come from”? and “Why am I here?” give us a filter for how we learn, how we apply that learning, and ultimately what we do with our lives. This is called “worldview,” and at Dallas Christian College classes are taught from a biblical worldview. In short, we try to look at all things the way God does.

Right. So, what does that really mean? It means when you are studying psychology at DCC, you will look at individuals as God does—as people created in His image. That makes any person much more important than if you look at individuals as accidents of nature or only consider them important if they meet a certain set of standards.

Seeing other people as God sees them also means looking at yourself the way God sees you. You were created in His image and He loves you more than you can imagine. As you study the Bible at DCC, you will learn that. You will also come to understand that God has called you to a purpose…and you will discover a powerful answer to “Why am I here?”

A.A.S. in Business

>> Program Details (download pdf)

A.A. in Humanities

>> Program Details (download pdf)

B.S. in Business & Bible

This Bachelor of Science degree is designed to prepare people with the management skills to lead in business. Additionally, this program prepares graduates with the ethical and biblical foundation to make decisions that honor Christ.

Administration and Ethics Track
Leadership Track
Sports Management Track

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies & Bible

This Bachelor of Science allows students to have more than one concentration, which is great for students transferring in who have had a broad spectrum of previous studies.

>> Program Details (download pdf)

B.S. in Practical Ministries & Bible

This Bachelor of Science degree is designed to give people the biblical foundation, leadership skills, and ministry expertise to lead a church or para-church organization.

Intercultural Studies Track
Ministry Leadership Track
Youth & Family Ministry Track

B.S. in Psychology & Bible

This Bachelor of Science degree equips students with the foundational tools in psychology and counseling from a biblical perspective. The degree prepares students to continue studies in graduate school.

Human Rights Track
Life Coaching Track
Organizational Track
Pastoral Care Track
Sports Psychology Track

Apply Now – 2 Easy Steps



A completed Application for Admission.
($30 application fee – Waived)



Official college transcript(s) from every college or university at which you registered. If you have no previous college coursework, send official high school or GED transcript.

Veterans, please send a copy of your DD214 form and any military transcripts..

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?
Description Price
Tuition (per credit hour)  $295/credit-hour for Ministry degrees $395/credit-hour for all other degree programs
Class Fee (per course) $100
What credits will transfer to DCC?

You can transfer a number of credits from other accredited colleges. You must have received at least a “C” in the class in order to transfer it. Check with your academic advisor to find out more about transferring hours.

What credits will transfer from DCC to other colleges?
Other colleges will have a standard that they use to accept credits much like DCC, which requires a grade of “C” or above. Credits for Bible and theology classes typically do not transfer to non-Christian colleges, or will only transfer as electives. DCC has had many students transfer in and out of Texas with no issues on credits being accepted. However, if you have a question, contact the college you are interested in and ask.
How are the classes conducted?

The degree programs are fully online, so you do not have to “be in class” at a specific time. You work on your schedule to get weekly assignments done on time. You will meet the instructor in introductory videos and short instructional videos. You will meet your classmates in discussion forums. Classes last 6 weeks.

What computer skills and equipment are required?

The most complex software students use is Logos® Bible Study Software. Therefore, the equipment requirements for Logos® set the standard.

There is not a Logos® Bible Study application for Chromebooks. If, however, a Chromebook can run Android apps (many newer ones can), this device can use Logos®.

    1. Tablets: Although the Logos® app may run on tablets older than the ones described here, these are known to work. It is highly recommended to add an external keyboard to any tablet used for writing.
      • Any iPad that will run the current version of iPad OS or the previous version will run the Logos® Bible Study app found in the Apple App Store.
      • Any Android tablet that will run the current version of Android and the previous version will run the Logos® Bible Study app found in the Google Play Store.
      • Amazon Fire tablets. This must be a Kindle Fire—a Kindle ereader will not work. After using a safe hack to enable the Fire tablet to get apps from the Google Play Store, a Fire will run correctly. This was tested on a 2020 Fire 10.1” tablet.

A high-speed internet connection is also needed to download the software, the library and updates.


How do I submit assignments?

Students submit assignments via Moodle. Each course has its own Moodle site where students submit assignments, post discussions, etc.

When can I get started?
There are enrollment windows throughout the year in each semester.
How long does it take to finish the degree program?

Some students can complete their college education in as little as 15 months. It depends on two things personal to each student:

  • How many previous college credits can transfer to your chosen degree program: The registrar examines your official college transcripts (as well as military DD214) to create a transcript evaluation. This shows you what classes you need to complete your degree.
  • How much time do you have to dedicate each week to taking classes: Students spend 18-20 hours per week completing each online course. If you can take two courses simultaneously and take classes during the summer, you can complete your degree more quickly.

Still Have Questions?

Anthony will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Anthony Brewer

Director of Admissions

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A student can earn additional semester hours through the Credit for Demonstrated Competency (CDC) process or credit by examination. A maximum of 30 hours may be earned through these alternative methods. All alternative credit must be completed prior to registration of the final semester.


In the Credit for Demonstrated Competency process, the student prepares a portfolio documenting work experiences and the learning that has resulted from these experiences. These credits can be earned from many different sources, including workshops, seminars, independent study, noncredit classes, training programs, and work experiences. It is the learning, and not merely experience from these sources, that is evaluated and warrants the awarding of credit. In the admission process, a CDC advisor will provide the student with an estimate of the number of CDC credits he or she might receive through this process. A non-refundable fee is required at the time of application for Credit for Demonstrated Competency.



DCC accepts five examinations by which a student may earn credit in addition to the courses and the CDC process. These are:

  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)—a national set of exams on selected topics offered on a regular schedule (testing available off campus only)
  • Defense Activity for Traditional Educational Support (DANTES) – a national set of exams developed by the military and covering college introductory courses in 50 different subject areas (DCC is a DANTES test site.)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations – a national set of exams on selected college-level topics studied at the high school (testing available off campus only)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher-Level Examinations – An international set of exams on selected topics studied through the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (testing available off campus only)
  • DCC institutional challenge exam.




Description Price
CDC or Dantes (per credit hour) $100
*DCC accepts Dantes and Credit for Demonstrated Competency (CDC) tests to meet non-major course requirements. A student can transfer up to 30 hours of alternative credit.

For information please contact Jean-Claude St. Juste at 972-241-3371 x 101.