June 9-23, 2019

SALTeens, which stands for Singing And Living Truth, presents the Gospel in music and drama to churches throughout the Southwest. Dallas Christian College is accepting auditions for vocalists as well as keyboard, guitar, percussion, brass, woodwind, and string players.

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into a SALTeens tour (rehearsals, set-up, memorizing lines and parts), but it’s a ton of fun! You get to spend a week on the DCC campus and live like a college student. The road trip is a blast! There are many great activities during the two weeks. And it’s a lot of fun just hanging out with the group.

You will have a great opportunity to grow spiritually at SALTeens. The program you learn has a two-fold purpose: to minister to the churches at which the group performs, and to minister to you.

The message is relevant to what you are experiencing today as a 21st century teenager. This is a great chance to grow closer to God!



Date Time Church City State
June 15 7:00pm Town & Country Christian Church Yukon OK
June 16 10:45am Draper Park Oklahoma City OK
June 16 7:00pm First Christian Church Clinton OK
June 17 7:00pm First Christian Church Canadian TX
June 18 7:00pm Christian Church of Los Alamos Los Alamos NM
June 19 7:00pm First Christian Church Albuquerque NM
June 21 7:00pm Washington Avenue Christian Church Amarillo TX
June 22 7:00pm First Christian Church Plano TX
June 23 10:00am Cornerstone Christian Church Dallas TX
June 23 7:00pm Dallas Christian College Farmers Branch TX

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