Website Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

Minimum Qualifications:

1.     BSA in a Ministry related area, Master is preferred

2.     1-3 years ministry experience, preferably with youth and children

3.     Licensed and ordained by a SBC church

4.     Affirm the Baptist, Faith, and Message 2000

5.     Male preferably married with children. But would consider a single male.

6.     Consideration will be made for a Part time position depending on the candidate.


General Expectations:

1.     Promote overall well-being and vision of MPBC

2.     Clear and consistent communication with Pastor, other staff, leaders, administrative committees, and ministry teams

3.     Maintain confidentiality and effectively practice discretion in dealing with sensitive issues

4.     Maintain a supportive role to the pastor with a team approach to ministry that supports all areas of ministry, programs, and the vision of MPBC


Personal Expectations:

1.     Maintain vital, dynamic relationship with the Lord through prayer, Bible study, and meditation

2.     Maintain proper priorities in the home as a spiritual leader

3.     Actively and consistently looking for and taking advantage of opportunities to share the gospel in and around the community

4.     Support the work of MPBC through faithful, biblical giving

5.     Seek through the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life worthy of the call of Jesus Christ

6.     Demonstrate the characteristics of spiritual leadership found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9

7.     A fully supportive wife in this ministry role and its responsibilities based on her own unique set of gifts and abilities. She must be dynamically involved in the life of the church.


Job Skills:

1.     Ability to teach and communicate the Word of God in accurate, relevant, applicable ways, while modeling it as well. This includes an excellent grasp of Bible knowledge.

2.     Self-motivated and able to take initiative

3.     Creative, able to demonstrate forward thinking along with analytical and problem-solving skills with a specific emphasis on evaluating, assessing, and restructuring ministries and programs of the church, children’s ministry, and student ministry.

4.     Interpersonal skills with the ability to foster intergenerational relationships.

5.     Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

6.     Technological skills including but not limited to computer, social media, website, etc…

7.     Excellent leadership, management and organizational skills.

8.     Ability to recruit, train, and equip parents and other volunteers.


Ministry Responsibilities:

Associate Pastor

1.     Fulfill the responsibilities of the Pastor in his absence including preaching, pastoral care, weddings, funerals, and any other responsibilities deemed necessary by the pastor.

2.     Work with the Nominating Committee to recruit and train volunteers for the various ministries of the church.

3.     Organizing and administrating churchwide events and other outreach/ministry opportunities.

4.     Provide general oversight and leadership to the Ministry teams.

5.     Complete background checks for all youth and children’s volunteers.


Children’s Ministry

1.     Supervise, oversee, and provide leadership to all aspects of the Children’s ministry and programs.

2.     Plan regular Children’s outings.

3.     Plan and administrate VBS (director).

4.     Plan and organize a Children’s camp for the children to attend.

5.     Build healthy relationships with children and parents so that the transition into the youth ministry will be smooth.


Youth Ministry

1.     Lead the teaching and the organization of worship for the Youth on Wednesday.

2.     Teach and oversee Youth Sunday School.

3.     Plan, organize, and promote camps, retreats, lock-ins, other outings, etc… for the spiritual development of the students.

4.     Plan, coordinate, and lead missions trips both North American and International for students and MPBC on an annual basis.

5.     A real and identifiable presence in the lives of the students both during regular programmed activities and outside of church activities (in homes, at school, sports or other social functions.

6.     Contact potential prospects for the youth ministry including following up with guests in a timely manner.

7.     Keep regular office hours for study and administration while making yourself available for students and their families outside of normal office hours.

8.     Be prepared and participate in weekly staff meetings.

9.     The intentional discipleship and leadership development of students, parents, and youth ministry volunteers.

10. Maintain open and consistent communication with students, parents, and adult youth leaders.





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