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LEAD MINISTER (Minister of Preaching, Evangelism, Shepherding)

Minister to the DPCC congregation and community primarily through preaching, evangelism, and shepherding that will effectively promote growth and maturity in Christ. Set a spiritual example to the congregation that is consistent with the best practices and expectations set out by Biblical standards, while recognizing our imperfect status as human beings.

A. Prepare and deliver sermons and teachings from the Word of
God to meet the spiritual needs of the congregation and the community.

B. Collaborate with other DPCC ministries directly related to conducting worship
services and other services to enhance the preaching of the Word of God.

C. In coordination with the eldership and ministerial staff, develop a vision for
DPCC using methods appropriate to meet the needs of the congregation and
community while maintaining our core values.

D. Encourage the development of those that have the desire to preach through mentoring
relationships and training.

A. Model an evangelistic lifestyle.
B. Develop and implement evangelism programs.
C. Work with all ministries to promote evangelism strategies that will encourage an evangelistic mindset in all members.
D. Provide leadership and training to equip the various ministries of the church for the purpose of evangelism.

Shepherding and Pastoral Care
A. Coordinate communication of all shepherding concerns to the elders, staff, and
other shepherds.
B. Collaborate with elders, staff, and other shepherds to stimulate the DPCC
membership to spiritual growth according to individual spiritual gifts, training,
and abilities.
C. Identify shepherding intersection opportunities and assist with
nurturing the resulting relationships.
D. Coordinate with other staff, elders, and other shepherds to ensure that all shut-ins,
members in nursing home, and those in hospitals receive the appropriate pastoral
E. Participate in visitation and counseling as needed.

A. Coordinate new member assimilation into the Body.
B. Confer and collaborate with other staff, ministry leaders, elders, deacons, and
volunteers on those matters where common knowledge and input are beneficial
for harmonious relationships and more effective implementation of the Lord’s

C. Provide clear and effective communication to elders, deacons, ministry leaders,
and the congregation about church programs and activities.
D. Assist the elders and ministries responsible for hiring ministerial staff of the
E. Participate in the training of the deacons and ministry leaders.
F. Perform personal services such as weddings, funerals, and spiritual guidance for
the members of DPCC.
G. Those additional responsibilities as determined by the elders.

A. Team with the elders to promote the teaching of the Gospel and the evangelizing
of the community.
B. Develop a relationship with the leadership team to mutually hold one another accountable in love.
C. Guide a unified team of ministers who are committed to the same goals.
D. Encourage other staff member to grow spiritually and professionally.
E. Team with deacons and ministry leaders to enhance their ministries and support
their purpose.
F. Represent DPCC in interactions with other churches and the community.

The lead minister of preaching, evangelism, and shepherding is accountable to the elders. He will be asked to report to the elders when necessary and at regularly scheduled meetings on plans and activities relating to the fulfillment of this job description.

It is required that candidates have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited Bible college, seminary, or university as well as relevant ministry experience.


To apply for this job email your details to sshrum@cox.net