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Career Path


Public or Private School Music Educator Early Childhood-12 certification


Worship Minister Worship Leader, Creative Arts Director, Music Technical Director


Performer in your chosen musical specialty


Private Music Studio Teacher


DCC faculty care about what you know and what you become. A 1:10 professor/student ratio allows them to know you as a person.

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Professors seek to go beyond the classroom to help you understand your calling and to prepare you for it. Some faculty are full-time and others are part time, bringing their experience from the field into the DCC classroom.

Leadership Distinctive

DCC educates and mentors people to be leaders, including concentrations in leadership and mentors who lead in their field.

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We focus on leadership development. We want our students to graduate with a humble servant’s heart ready to assume leadership roles in their church, community, and career. All students are provided opportunities to engage with faculty and professionals who challenge them to explore their unique gifts so they can realize their full potential. Courses such as Cultural Competency, practicums, and internships give students real-world experience with feedback on how they can be effective leaders.

Mentorship & Networking

Students are mentored by peers and professionals as well as learning to be mentors.

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This unique program allows students to receive and provide mentorship – both internally and externally – every year at Dallas Christian. Community leaders pour into students’ lives, resulting in personal and professional development.

Hello & Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Music & Worship Arts Department at DCC.  The department oversees the Education & Bible Music EC-12 degree, the Music & Bible degree, and the Music & Bible degree with a Worship Ministry concentration.

The Education & Bible Music EC-12 degree will allow you to discover your talents as a teacher for either public or private schools.  The Music & Bible degree is designed for the student who wants to pursue a general music degree for the purposes of being a performer or possibly a Private Music Studio Teacher.  You can also choose the Music & Bible degree with a concentration in Worship Ministry for those who feel that being a Worship Minister in the church is your calling.

All three degree options offer you the chance to develop your musical talents and skills in a highly personal and hands-on environment.  You will be guided by experts in the fields of Music and Worship Arts at every level of your study.  Contact us.  We would love to meet you and help you discover your path as a musician and your calling as a leader in the world of tomorrow!

Dana Ihm, PhD, Music Education




B.S. Music and Bible

This degree combines skills training, music theory, ear-training, and work in choir and ensembles to provide students with a robust music education. Graduates from this program might choose a performance career, private teaching, or get alternative certification to teach in public schools.


B.S. Music and Bible—Worship Ministry Concentration

This degree provides the same music education of the Music and Bible degree while also providing a concentration in worship ministry. This is for students called to go into worship ministry in a church.


B.S. Education and Bible—Music EC-12

This degree is offered in conjunction with DCC’sTeacher Education Department. Students will receive the same robust music education as the Music and Bible degree, but also take the courses required by Texas to be certified to teach in Texas public and private schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Bible Major or Minor Required?

A Bible major or minor is one of the best possible ways to prepare a person for the workplace and the current world. Surveys indicate that one of the key skills employers look for in employees is critical thinking. Studying the Bible builds critical thinking skills and encourages clear articulation of thought through writing—another skill for which employers are looking. Studying Scripture is also foundational to answering questions about who you are and what you were created to do. Answering questions like that help students establish their worldview. To be able to lead within today’s world, current and future leaders must know important truths such as “God created us in His image” and how to apply those truths as the world continues to change. DCC graduates are prepared to lead.

How many credit hours are required to graduate?
Each major requires 120 credit hours to graduate. Be sure to click on the course details button next to the concentration you are interested in to see all the courses you will need to graduate.
Are there scholarships?
Academic Honors scholars receive up to $15,000 per year toward tuition, room, and board. The scholarship includes all forms of DCC awards for which the student is eligible. At DCC we want to honor students who are committed to becoming servant leaders who will make a positive difference in the world in whatever career they choose. This scholarship is to honor those with solid grades and servant hearts who want to lead. Recipients are expected to be actively engaged as student leaders within the department awarding the scholarship and to demonstrate Christlike character in the DCC community. | Learn More

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