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This is the most important aspect to the Student Government at DCC. Without the students, this organization would not exist, but more importantly, without the student's participation, this organization is simply blowing hot air. The students at DCC can participate in the Student Government in a variety of ways.

Each Assembly meeting is open to the students of DCC and they may freely come and go as they please. Also, every student has a fellow student they elected to serve as their representation to the College at large. This is the person that they need to go to if they have any ideas, concerns, desires, complaints, etc., and it is paramount that they do this so that the Assembly is made aware of any problems, new ideas, and the like, and can implement the right course of action.

Also, the Student Government puts on many social events, spiritual strengthening opportunities, and creates cultural outlets, and every student at DCC is encouraged to participate in any of these ventures. Along with this, the students at DCC are encouraged to start up student organizations, and the Assembly is the place to get chartered as an RSO (Recognized Student Organization). There are a few benefits to this chartering process, which you can find here.

Another way for the students of DCC to participate is to get involved with Student Government, either by helping with setting up events, running for office, or help to support the Student Government. There are many other ways and many opportunities to get involved. Please visit here to see more on getting involved.

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