Representative Assembly

Time: 1:00-3:30 p.m.*
Occurance: Fridays**
Location: Room 212

Chairman: Vice President Omar Moore
Pro Tempore: TBD

The Assembly meets regularly on Friday afternoons for the purpose of reporting and updating the Assembly on the actions and plans of the committees, complete any business left unfinished from the previous Friday, tackle through new issues, concerns, and/or desires of the student body, prepare for any upoming event, program, or any special affair, charter any new student organization applying for RSO status, hearing from guest speakers, and receive any updates or announcements from the Executive Board.

All students of DCC are invited to attend these meetings and may freely come and go as they wish. However, we do ask that if you plan on attending, please arrive a minute or two before the starting time. If you find yourself coming in past the starting time and business has begun, we ask you to please create as little a disturbance as possible (this is the same for if you need to leave before business is completed).

Participation in Assembly Meetings:

If you wish to speak to the Assembly while business is being conducted, please raise your hand after another speaker has ceased to speak (yeilded the floor). If the Chairman wishes, he may recognize you by calling on you, but he is not obligated to do so especially if pressing business is pending.

If you are a student of DCC and wish to make a presentation to the Assembly, please contact your Representative to make arrangements as soon as possible. If you are not a student of DCC and wish to make a presentation, please contact the Pro Tempore as soon as possible. If you wish to merely observe the meeting, we ask that you remain respectful of the other people in the room.

*This is the scheduled time for the meetings. Meetings may start a minute or two after this, but never before. At times, meetings will not last the entire scheduled time, while at other times, it may last slightly longer if warranted by the Assembly.

**The Assembly is required to meet at least every other week though it normally meets every week. Due to this, at times the Assembly may not meet. Notifications of such will be posted on this site.

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