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There are various ways to get involved with the Student Government at DCC as well as the College at large, such as becoming a part of the Student Government, attending and enjoying the events and programs the Student Government puts on, volunteer time and effort in helping pull off the events and programs the Student Government puts on, join a student organization on campus, assist in writing, editing, or photography for The Torch, support proposals going through The Assembly, and endorsing petitions (petitions can be found here).

The navagation on the right will help get you acquainted with what is going on at the College and in the Student Government along with opportunites to help out or get involved in other areas.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact your Representative. You may also use the Contact Us form, and in the ATTN field, type the name of your Representative or you may simply note the class which you are represented under.

We hope to see you either at events, helping out, in The Assembly, or in other student organizations.

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