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The Student Government at Dallas Christian College exists for several purposes. The main and most obvious purpose for this organization is to help provide for the students at DCC in many aspects: social functions, spiritual strengthening opportunities, avenues to interact with culture, outlets for creative expression, and creating an atmosphere for the free exchange of ideas. However, there is more to this organization.

As with any large community, the possibility for broken communication between those who are a part of the community and those who oversee the community exists. In an effort to minimize this broken communication, the Student Government at DCC works to foster effective communication between the two through a few different means, such as working with the administration to assist in passing along information to the students, using an Assembly of Representatives from each class to hear concerns and desires of the students, maintaining open channels of communication between the Administration and the SG President, and sponsor opportunities for interaction between both parties. All this helps create a more solid community as a whole.

The Student Government, in all of its efforts, is striving for a sole end product: influential, strong, faithful Christians who have a great spirit of progressive citizenship. Every step this organization takes is a step taken towards this goal. Please join us in prayer that this organization may continue to stay its path to achieve its intent.


To accomplish what is stated above, the Student Government at DCC is comprised of three branches: the Representative Assembly, Executive Board, and the Discrepancy Forum. The organization is governed by three documents: a constitution, its bylaws, and a handbook outlining its main policies and procedures (all found here). The Student Government is also overseen by two Advisors, and its main contact with the administration, the Office of Community.

Lastly, but most importantly, the Student Government is comprised of students willing to serve other students, who in turn lend their support. This is the backbone, the foundation... this is the essence of the Student Government framework. Without this, there would be no progress.

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