2014-2015 Player Bios



Miles Burnside JoshWalls Trent Dawson 1
Burnside, Miles  #22 Walls, Josh  #13 Dawson, Trent  #1
Senior Soph Soph
6’5 6’1 6’3
Wing Guard/Wing Guard/Wing
HTown: Houston,TX HTown: Carrollton, TX
HTown: Dallas,TX
HS: Alvin @ Alvin, TX HS: Carrollton Creekview HS: Garland Namaan Forest
Scripture: Isaiah 54:17 Scripture: Phil 4:13 Scripture: Phil 4:13 
Favorite Food: Italian Favorite Food: Burgers Favorite Food: Pizza
5 yrs from now: Coaching 5 yrs from now: Coaching 5 yrs from now:
 Michael Haynes Jerrel Chumley  Anthony McQuary
 Michael Haynes #45 Chumley, Jerrel #21
McQuary, Anthony  #20
Senior Senior FR
6’4 5’10 6’1
Wing/Post Guard Guard
HTown: Fort Worth, TX HTown: Kilgore,TX HTown: Kerens, TX
HS: HS: Sabine  HS: Kerens
Scripture: Daniel 12:1 Scripture: Rom 8:28 Scripture: John 3:16
Favorite Food: Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Favorite Food: Seafood Favorite Food: Pizza
5 yrs from now: 5 yrs from now: Coaching HS basketball & teaching Government 5 yrs from now: Coaching basketball & teaching 2nd lvl math
Derek Hearns StoneyWashington-- DariusBoggas
Hearns, Derek  #30
Washington, Stoney #10
Boggas, Darius  #3
JR Soph Soph
6’0 5’10 6’3
Guard Guard Wing
HTown: Detroit, MI
HTown: Lubbock, TX
HTown: Trinidad, TX
HS: Inkster HS: Round Rock @ Round Rock, TX HS: Trinidad
Scripture: John 3:16
Scripture: Isaiah 40:31 Scripture: Isaiah 26:3 
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Food: Chinese Favorite Food: grilled pork chops
5 yrs from now: 5 yrs from now: CoachingTherapist and working on Doc in Psych 5 yrs from now: Getting my Business degree 
Travis Martain TreyLindsey LoganBrown
Martain, Travis #4
Lindsey, Trey  #23
Brown, Logan
5’10 6’2 6’1
Guard Guard Guard
HTown: Detroit, MI
HTown: Kerens
HTown: Little Elm, TX
HS: Inkster
HS: Kerens HS: Hebron @ Carrollton,TX
Scripture: Proverbs 3:5
Scripture: John 3:16 Scripture: Gal 6:9
Favorite Food: Candied Yams
Favorite Food: Corn casserole Favorite Food: Buffalo wings
5 yrs from now: Family man 5 yrs from now:  Coaching and Teaching 5 yrs from now: still playing ball
 SyntrellGreer  DariusGuerin DamienJones
Greer, Syntrell Guerin, Darius Jones, Damien
FR-RS Soph-RS Soph
5’11 5’9 6’1
Guard Guard Guard
HTown: HTown: new Orleans, La HTown: Dallas, TX
HS: HS: L.W. Higgins HS:  Garland Lakeview Centennial
Scripture: Scripture:  Scripture: John 3:16
Favorite Food: Favorite Food: Red beans and rice Favorite Food: Honey butter chicken biscuits
5 yrs from now: 5 yrs from now: Entrepreneur 5 yrs from now: Working as an accountant