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About Your Crusader Mail Account

Crusader Mail

Setting Your New Crusader Mail Account:

  1. Go to www.dallas.edu/CrusaderMail. We encourage you to bookmakr this page.
  2. Enter your username. It has been set for you: first name + period + last name. E.g. John Smith is: john.smith
    Enter your temporary password.
  3. Click the "Login" button. This will open your Crusader email. Immediately change your password!
  4. Click on the "Settings" button at the top of the email window.
  5. Select "Accounts"--a link on the left.
    Your account name will show up. Click on your account name to select it.
  6. Click the "Modify" button right above the account name.
  7. Now enter a new password and confirm it by entering it again.
  8. Click "Save"
Crusader Mail is a web based electronic mail system (client) with a graphical interface. With it you can read and send messages, attach documents, spreadsheets, graphics or other files, and save or print your messages. Crusader Mail is currently available through your internet browser by going to www.dallas.edu/CrusaderMail

Here are few other reasons why it is important for you to use your Crusader Mail account.

  • Professors will only accept work via email from your crusader mail account.
  • Find out important financial aid information and scholarship awards.
  • Manage your school bills through important business office.
  • Stay in touch with classmates, get up to the minute campus event details, etc!
  • Find out the dates you can sell your books back for CASH!

All DCC information and notifications will come through this email account. This is to be certain that everyone gets these notifications. If you have multiple emails accounts and prefer not to check another account, you have choices:

  1. Your Crusader Mail has an auto forward feature that will allow you to forward that email to your regular account. If you do this, be certain it is working before Oct. 11. It also means that if you change email addresses, you need to change the auto forward on your DCC mail.
  2. You can use Outlook or Outlook Express to pick up Crusader Mail. Here are the three settings you need to know.
    Set up a POP3 mail account
    Incoming server: mail.dcc.dallas.edu
    Outgoing (smtp) server: mail.dcc.dallas.edu
    Some webmail systems - such as Gmail -will allow you to pull in mail from other accounts. Use the same server information as in #2.

Log on to www.dallas.edu/CrusaderMail to set up your account. It's a good idea to bookmark this page.


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